10 Tools/Supplies for Fancy Sugar Cookies and A GIVEAWAY!

I’ve avoided talking about my obsession with decoration fancy sugar cookies here on Prudent Baby because, well, I just don’t find them very prudent. They are tedious. They are time-consuming. They are temperamental. But with that said, they are totally addictive to make and there is nothing quite like the delight on a toddler’s face when you hand them an edible work-of-art. People, I’m here to confess, I dream about decorating sugar cookies.

The other day I ordered this book that had been floating around in the old Amazon wishlist for a while. I was ordering my book club book and was under the $25 to qualify for free shipping, you know how it goes.

This book is amazing! Full of information that I had always wondered about… the perfect way to pack sugar cookies for shipping, the fact that you can not only freeze cookie dough in balls, but un-baked cut cookies and also baked cookies, with no damage. This book is full of helpful tips of wonder and amazement!

So since Christmas is upon us and if you are ever going to try royal icing, now is the time, I’m going to share the top 10 things I think you need to jump in. This “kit” would make a fun gift for someone interested in getting started.

10 Tools/Supplies for Fancy Sugar Cookie making and the details of our first giveaway after the jump.

1. A good recipe. This is the one that I use regularly.

2. #2 tips – it’s handy to have at least 4 (any craft dept)

3. Couplers – it’s handy to have at least 4 (any craft dept)

4. Disposable decorating bags (any craft dept)

5. Meringue powder (any craft dept) – I use the Royal Icing recipe in the Wilton can but add a touch of lemon juice for flavor.

6. Gel food coloring – Americolor is the best and is only available online and at decorating specialty shops. Bakeitpretty.com carries it.

7. Squeeze bottles (any craft dept)

8. cookie cutters

9. Rolling pin guide rings (or cookie slats)

10. Spatulas – a small tapered spatula and a long angled spatula

Oh, and let’s not forget a copy of Cookie Craft: From Baking to Luster Dust, Designs and Techniques for Creative Cookie Occasions by Valerie Peterson and Janice Fryer

Which brings us to the giveaway. Leave a comment, telling us what your favorite holiday cookie is by 11:59 CT on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 to be entered to win your very own copy of this great book! WE HAVE A WINNER, THANKS EVERYONE FOR PLAYING ALONG! A book that we are buying with our own money because we love you (and this book) that much. Whatever, it’s only $12.32 but we still love you. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Wednesday December 2nd. Open to US residents only. One entry per person.

These gals also have NEW book. Cookie Craft Christmas: Dozens of Decorating Ideas for a Sweet Holiday I think I’ll add it to the wishlist!




My families favorite cookie are "Yum Yums". Named by my children when they were small. My Mom would have tubs of them when we came to visit. They are still a family tradition and so addicting- really! My kids would get up in the night and sneak them. Originally called Scotcheroos- Rice Krispie like bars with peanut butter, topped with melted Butterscotch and Chololate Chips. YUM…


My favorite are a little ball cookie mde with walnuts or pecans and covered in icing sugar called 'polverones'. I love them because my grandmother used to make them for me when I was little girl. She would let me 'help' her roll them in the icing sugar and pretend not to see me when I would sneak a couple when they were still warm.


Stained Glass Windows! Colored mini marshmallows coated with chocolate in a log shape and sliced. So easy yet so magical:).

Whitney Hardie

My favorite is a beautifully decorated sugar cookie. Almost too gorgeous to eat, but far too delicious not to.

Thanks for the giveaway – my best friend would freak over this book!

Megan M.

My favorite holiday cookies are iced Christmas cookies similar to the ones pictured on the front of the book! My mom and I make them together every year and take the ready-to-be-iced cookies to our family party so everyone can have fun with sugary icing and colorful sprinkles!


My sister in law is a COOKIE MAVEN & baker extraordinnaire and I am in charge of her gifts this year – it would be such a joy to give this to her- I think she would love it! My personal fav cookie is a classic gingerbread man – spicy & delicious & needs to have the silver ball buttons like childhood, mmm can smell it now…


My favorite Christmas cookie is ANY cookie. I absolutely love cookies. I do really enjoy decorated sugar cookies and only have them around during the holidays.


I love any cookies really but I can't go past a good gingerbread cookie for christmas. I am hoping to make a gingerbread house this year. I have never made on before. Wish me luck!


That book looks wonderful! My favorites are my grandma's candy cane cookies- twisted plain and red dough- yum!

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