GIVEAWAY: $50 Gift Card to Madison Reece Designs!

If you haven’t checked out the etsy shop of our awesome sponsor Madison Reece Designs, go go go! Her jewelry is absolutely GORG! Every piece is handmade to order and can be customized for you or your kiddos. This is my favorite.

The designer of these beautiful treats, Melissa, says “I am a T-shirt & Jeans kind of girl, this is why I created this line.  I know there are many other moms out there just like me.  My designs can be casual or dressy. You will find in my silver clay designs that they are not perfect – they are meant to look very rustic and far from perfect. They have fine lines or marks in them that I think add character and uniqueness to each piece.” I totally agree. Her jewelry is super-wearable for everyday, but just special enough that you’ll get complimented on it constantly.

So how lucky are we? One reader is going to get a $50 gift card to order whatever they want from Madison Reece Designs shop! AND ALL OF OUR READERS are going to get FREE SHIPPING if they mention Prudent Baby when they order, woo hoo!

Here’s how to enter:  Go check out the shop and pick your fav piece.  Because you can customize this jewelry with your darling sons’ and daughters’ names, I want to hear what they are!  Leave a comment telling us which piece you’d want to customize with your baby’s name and a little of the story behind the name itself.  I’ll start:  I totally love The Giving Tree necklace and want one with my daughter’s name: Scarlet Jane.  Scarlet was a name my husband and I could agree on, and Jane is her Great Grandmother who is still around to love her.  I see Jane in Scarlet Jane every day: in the way she walks, the way she laughs, and her constant repetition of the phrase “I can do it myself”, so I think it was just meant to be!

To win this contest, you must be a US Resident and you must be as gorgeous as this jewelry. Well, at least on the inside. Tweet, blog, or update your facebook status about the giveaway, and leave us another comment letting us know for extra entries.  Come back every day for a new entry!  Entries will close at midnight, Wednesday April 14th and a winner will be selected via And don’t forget to visit Melissa’s Shop Madison Reece Designs to get free shipping by mentioning Prudent Baby!




I am such a bracelet girl! I love the Rustic Monogram Bracelet!!! I would put my little miracle's name Nathan which means God has given because that's where we truly received our little bundle from God and we are forever thankful…


I love them all!!! She does beautiful work!! Awesome!! I would want something like "family branches" to be able to have all my childrens names!!! We have three and plan to have more…Lord willing! Alexis, Trenton and Olivia. They are all names that we could agree on. 😀 Alexis Leanne (my husbands mothers middle name and my moms middle name put together) Trenton Westhoff (my husbands mothers maiden name) Olivia Opal (my grandmothers name)


My faves (I can't pick one!) are Birdie, Make a Wish and the Giving Tree. My baby boy is named Fionn, which is said like Finn. It's the old Gaelic spelling. My partner and I liked it best of the names we agreed on. We also like the old tales of Fionn McCumhaill (said like Fionn McCool) who was an Irish hero of sorts. I have Scottish ancenstry (among some other stuff) and my partner is part Irish and we feel very drawn to these cultures. My partner also surfs so we felt Fionn sort of paid homage to a surfboard, cause without the Fionn, you just aren't straight…


so beautiful! both my daughters (one is 27 and one is 6) would absolutely love these. If I won I would have to save up to buy them one each. So much emotion in these pieces. Impressive work.

Domestic Diva

I LOVE the Rustic Silver – My Heart is Full necklace. Beautiful stuff! I'd put my little guy's name, who was named for my grandfather.


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