GIVEAWAY: The Handmade Marketplace

THis giveaway has ended, we will announce a winner next week!  So Amazing! We have a copy of The Handmade Marketplace: How to Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally and Online By Kari Chapin and we are going to give it to YOU! That’s right YOU, YOU lucky, randomly-selected winner YOU.

If you want to hear a bit more about this book, check out our review from earlier this week or stop by author Kari Chapin’s site.

And here is the best part! Kari Chapin herself has offered to answer a few questions for us (a little interview) and we are passing the opportunity on to you! So here’s how to enter to win the book:

Leave a comment here with a question for Kari. It can be a anything you want to know… about starting your business, selling your crafts… writing a book… being awesome in general. We will pick our favorite questions and pass them along to Kari and then post the “Interview” here on Prudent Baby. So ask away, and feel free to come back and enter every day. The book giveaway is open US residents 18+, but anyone can ask questions! A winner will be randomly selected when the giveaway ends Thursday, April 22 at Midnight CT.

And if you’re feeling shy, you can just go ahead and buy a copy!




this book is on my wishlist. great giveaway! i would love the answers to many of the questions above. i am just about to begin selling, so i wonder 1)how much inventory would be good to start 2)should i have business cards right away? 3)what online venues – other than etsy – can i look into?

The Harbor Theater

I am a new mommy and have just started to take my "hobby" to the next level by starting to sell online and in a local baby boutique. I am very excited about coming across this book — and website!

I have so many questions — it's so hard to pick just one!

My question is:

Can you please discuss if there is any "etiquette" in the crafting industry as far as selling your product online and at shows? For example, is it in poor taste to combine a booth to share on booth costs, or to buy a handmade item and dissect it with the intention of recreating it yourself to sell? What about promoting your art via business cards at a show when you did not buy a booth or were not otherwise invited to be a vendor?

Thank you!



I have also seen the book and would LOVE to have a copy! I'm interested in the importance of blogging in regards to a crafting business. I feel like I have my hands in many pots and am interested in lots of types of crafts and feel too time-crunched to maintain several blogs and Twitter and a Facebook page (personal, professional, etc.). What is the most influential social media outlet for a crafty business? Thanks so much…can't wait to read the interview!!


I want to start an etsy store but I am worried and anxious about how to begin- I have been sewing lots of things- do I need labels and tags?

Michele @ Frugal Granola

Oh, I would love to read this book! (I love The Black Apple!) I have an Etsy shop & blog right now, and am currently wondering, when is it appropriate to actually spend the money for a more "professional"-looking site, logos, etc. What is the best "order of events" for such expenses?


This book is what I need!!!
How do you make your product stand put from the rest, especially when you aren't the only one selling that particular item?

Jill Garcia (Smith)

I would absolutely LOVE to have this book! I own my own small business and struggle with selling outside the US. Here's my question: How do you keep shipping costs down for international shipping, even for small items? That seems to be my biggest battle. Thanks! Hope I win!


One thing that is keeping me from starting up my business again is the taxes (i.e. income/self-employment tax). I know it varies from state to state, but I was wondering if you had any resources to help me get a fuller understanding of this annoying part having your own business! Thanks!

christina taylor

This looks like a great book, my neighbor and I have recently started discussing doing some craft fairs, but I don't really know where to start with labeling, pricing, how much product etc, so I should just read the whole book!

Julie Weaver

After reading everyone else's question, I think all of my questions have been covered. But the answer I'd really like to know is what qualifies as inspiration, and what is copying?


I so want to get this book! I too think all the questions have been asked. I guess I do wonder if you would recommend working with friends on a business endeavor?


I would LOVE to have this book!

My question is: How do you set yourself apart when selling in a market that is flooded with other handmade things? I know my creations are original and I have been trying to sell them…but what is that extra oomph? (Yes…"oomph is a word! Ha!)

Melissa G in AZ

Jenny @ Hank + Hunt

Hi, I am in the process of setting up shop in etsy, and would love to read this book. I can't wait for the interview. My question is: how should I go about selling locally if there aren't many craft fairs available? There is also such a shortfall of businesses that would carry my type of product, I am super shy, how do approach locals? Thanks a million for writing this book!


Hi,I don't have time to read all the other comments, so this may have already been asked – do you have any advice on cheaper shipping? I have a hard time adding a huge shipping cost to my etsy products, but it all adds up fast – postage, packaging, etc. And because I'm afraid a higher shipping cost will turn away prospective buyers, I end up not charging enough. Any ideas?


I would love advice on how to do the research and find out info on taxes and laws regarding small craft businesses. I make and sell a few things here and there and as I grow I want to be sure and by legal. =)



I would love to start a home business, but am wondering how to balance infant twin daughters, a husband, a very part time "career" job, church, friends, and family. I would love insight on how to organize my time and resources!


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