One Shoulder Dressy Dress

I’ve been hoarding this Alexander Henry Caitlin Stripe cotton I picked up from Fabricworm for a while waiting for inspiration, when it hit me that it would be a great 4th of July print!  It also comes in a few other great colorways.

This one-shoulder dress is much easier to sew then it looks.  It works in cotton but might be even cuter in voile or even terry cloth.  So fun for summer BBQs!

OMG, I have the cutest daughter ever, except for all of your daughters of course.

I can’t wait to show you how to make this dress!  Get the full One Shoulder Dressy Dress tutorial after the jump…

One Shoulder Dressy Dress

1. Cut your fabric.  You’ll need two strips about 18″ long by 1.5 to 2″ wide for the straps, another strip double the length of the angled measurement plus two inches (so for me that was 32″) by 3.5″ wide, and two pieces for the dress. Here are the measurements I used for my 2T.

Remember you need to cut one piece like this and one IN REVERSE. If you cut two of the same your dress will be inside out on one side.

2.  First let’s make the straps.  Fold your strips the long way right sides faacing and sew up the sides:

Use a safety pin or loop turner to turn them right side out, then iron them flat with the seam to one side, and tie a knot on one end of each:

3.  Now lay your dress pieces right sides facing:

Cut an armhole in the tall side (a j-shape, for 2T go about 6″ long and 3″ wide). Sew the shoulder seam and up the sides (not the armhole of course) and finish the edges by serging, sewing with a zig zag stitch or cutting with pinking shears:

4.  Now take a piece of single fold bias tape and unfold it. Pin it to the right side of the dress with the edges aligned all the way around the armhole:

Sew in place along the fold:

Turn the dress inside out, fold the bias tape up, flip it to the inside, and pin in place:

Sew in place along the edge of the bias tape:

5. Now take your long ruffle piece and hem on edge by folding under 1/4″ then another 3/8″, ironing and sewing in place:

Turn your dress inside out (so wrong side is up) and place your straps seam side down at the spots where you want them.  Lay the ruffle strip on top right side down and pin in place all the way around, beginning and ending on the non-sleeve side:

Sew the ends of the strip together right sides facing and finish the edge:

Sew the strip in place with a 1/4″ seam allowance:

Flip it over the right side of the dress.  So cute:

Now starting at the non-armhole side, top stitch 1/2″ from the edge all the way around, leaving a hole to feed your elastic through backstitching at the beginning and end:

6.  Now feed a piece of 3/8″ elastic through your casing with a safety pin.  Don’t make it too snug, try it on your model.

Sew the elastic together flat with a zig zag, push it into the casing and sew the hole closed.

7.  Now just hem your dress by folding the bottom hem in 1/4″ and ironing, then another 1/2″ and ironing, and sewing in place.  Done!

Have a cup of horchata and call it a day.



Jill Domeyer

What are the measurements for a 12-18 month old or would I be able to purchase this from you instead of making it myself?


I love this dress and want to make it for my granddaughter. I need 12-18 months pattern please.


New to sewing so just wondering why the bias tape is used, is it easier than just folding the fabric over and sewing or does it just give the dress a nice polished look when finished, vs folding the fabric and sewing.


First off, I LOVE your site! I’ve learned so much! I was wondering if this pattern is for personal use only or if I could use it to make and sell product? Thanks for your inspiring blog!



I really love this little dress and would love to make it for my 6 and 3 year old girls. I’m trying to work out the sizes for them? I don’t supposed you have patterns for these ages?



Looking to make this for my daughter and niece if you could give me modified measurements for 6/9mth and 18mth Thanks so much!!


Please help, I cant seem to get the angles right!! Also could you please tell me the measurements as I want to make it for my 4yr old grandaughter. I love the dress!!


could you please include the measuremet from the top to the bottom of the dress from the 3″ to the 22″ at right angle please it will realy help me when trying to trace out this pattern


I am new to sewing but would love to make this dress. Can anyone give me the pattern or measurements for a 12 month dress???


HELP I want to make this smaller for my 8 month old and than make it bigger for my 5 year old. I tried to just measure my 5 year old and thought the measurements would be bigger but in reality it was the same…. Maybe ill just try it out with some scrap fabric laying around I dont care to mess up. LOL.. Will get back. If anyone knows how to make it smaller and bigger please let me


Approx how long was the piece of elastic for the top? Im making this as a gift n dont hae a model to use


Can anyone tell me what the measurements might be for size 12-18 months? Thanks


I made for a 12 month old and took off 3 inches from the length. It’s pretty forgiving. It fit just fine 🙂

Kristie shephard

I want to make this for two 12 month olds for gifts. I’ve never met the children unfortunately, so would love to know if anyone has the amended measurements that work I.e. not just hemming it a bit more? TIA 🙂 desperate to make this


I love it!!!! What size should I cut the fabric for size 1 and 3. I am just beginning sewing still finding my feet lol


I’m not sure what you mean by ‘you need to cut one piece like this and one in REVERSE’ – if you cut the fabric doubled with right sides together is that correct?? I don’t want to do it wrong as I bought lovely fabric and made your pillow case dress (I even lined it!) but it was too small! – my grand-daughter wasn’t here for the final fitting. It fits her big doll though! I have just enough fabric for this dress so would appreciate a reply asap.
Many thanks.


Is the ruffle piece supposed to be a rectangle? Your appears to point out from garment when you sewed the ends together and it seems to flow nice on the dress. I cut a rectangle, but mine does not have the points in toward dress, so it is not sitting well.

Lacy Bryant

Oh my goodness. Not sure if anyone will even see my comment but I’m in desperate need for a 12mon pattern for this dress. I’m in love!


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