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Long-neglected mothers of boys rejoice! The selfish ladies of Prudent Baby now have personal interest in all things male because… It’s a Boy! So get ready for snails and puppy dog tails and… mustaches! To announce Baby Boy Boneau, I’ve whipped up a few of these super easy mustache lollipops as part of Prudent Baby’s Summer of Fanciful Treats: Sponsored by Bake it Pretty. If, like me, you still can’t get enough of the mustache trend, you have to take a peek at the 1st birthday party Jessica from A little Gray threw for her son, Hendrix. Then check out Babble’s In Celebration of Baby Boys: The Mustache. I want that wooden teether!

Click here for the crazy simple DIY for these mustache lollipops!
And remember, any comment you leave this week could win you a 1/2 yard of Nicey Jane oilcloth. Tell us a mustache story. My husband has a mustache. I like it.

What you need:
Mustache Chocolate Mold. If you want to make a bunch, It’s helpful to have more than one mold.
Dark Chocolate Wafers
Orange Oil – Not necessary but oh-so-delicious in dark chocolate
4″ lollipop sticks – I buy the longer size and cut them down with scissors
Cello bags

and if you want to make our tags:
Prints of our It’s A Boy! template
Double-sided tape
X-acto and cutting mat

Click here for a refresher on Tips for Making Chocolate Mold Candy and then come back here for the variations for this project.

1. Melt your chocolate as usual. Then add the orange oil drop by drop to taste. I added 3 drops to 1/4 LB of chocolate, which made 4 pops. Again, this is SO tasty.

2. Fill mold with chocolate using our pastry bag method or simply use a teaspoon (in this case) since the mold is so large. Make sure it’s filed to the top (but not overfilled) and make sure the chocolate reaches the outer corners. If you have any spillage, wipe it clean.

3. Tap the mold gently on the counter to release air bubbles.

4. Push the lolli sticks into the mold, then carefully roll the sticks until they are covered in chocolate.

5. Tap the mold gently on the counter again to smooth the surface.

6. Put mold in the freezer for about 10 minutes or until the chocolate releases from the mold when turned over.

7. Package in bags with a cute tag and twine or wrap in foil. So fun!

Let All-Things-Boy Commence!



lori mulhern

I am the proud mamma of two boys…one is 4 years old the other 20 months (and is a twin). Boys are great. They test you, but they give you so much love its crazy. The big bear hugs, the cute smiles…its great.

So my story isn't much of a story. Just a comment really. Each year me, my siblings and their spouses have a Pollyanna at Christmas. Now we have a funny ornament theme. Anyway, I found a great ornament on easy and it was a felt mustache. It was great. Probably the best ornament in the bunch.

Anyway, congrats and enjoy.

Nutella Nutterson


When I was a baby, my father shaved off his full beard and left only a mustache. Since I'd learned that his facial hair was called "beard" that's what I continued to call *just* his mustache for several more years. 🙂

The Russ Family

Aside from loving the mustache pops, oh, how I love a girl who has Thin Mints AND Blue Bell in her freezer. And those Thin Mints look recently disturbed:)
Mustache story…My husband can pull off most types of facial hair arrangements, but the mustache makes him look a little 70's and slightly creepy. My fav…the goatee.


Congrats on the little man!

My dad has always had a big beard and mustache, I've never seen him with out it. One summer my brother was giving my dad crap and my dad asked what it would take for him to stop. My brother insisted that if he could curl my dad's mustache into a handle bar he would stop being a pain in the butt. It actually worked! My dad has had a handle bar for a while now, and he totally rocks it. People ask him what his favorite mustache wax is, but the secret is 'Got To Be Glued' hair spiking gel! He takes great pride in the 'stache and it's something he has become known for. I even blogged about it on father's day!


So funny! Congratulations as well.
I only like chocolate lollipop mustaches. If my hubby doesn't shave his it gives me a rash 🙁

Hey Bulldog!

My husband is always asking my nephew when he's going to grow a stache. He's only 5, so he always gets really crazy trying to explain to my hubby that he can't grow one yet. Joe just keeps insisting that he'd look great with one and he needs to put some work into growing one. It's a fun little back and forth game they have together.


And to think I just told people we were having a boy. I could have pointed to my own mustache as a hint. These are clever and striking and above all so fun!!! Your talent is endless. Yum.


We are mustache crazy in our house!! I'm pregnant with my first child and I have two step children – they will love this post. Perhaps it will even get my stepdaughter to be ok if I have a boy! Or…if I have a girl, she might have to like mustaches as much as the rest of us!

Singin' Mama

Yay! Congratulations! I adore your site, and love all the wonderful girly things you have inspired me to make for my friends' daughters, but…my son has gotten the short end of the stick until now! Can't wait to see what you ladies come up with for the other half!

Rachel @ A Cupcake for Moose

Congrats on the baby boy! Love the orange extract in the 'staches. Sounds yummy! I don't have a mustache but they, like Tom Selleck, are oh-so-cool!

(Love your blog…found it via Bake It Pretty!)


Oh, I LOVE that! I'm pretty sure that we are having a boy and we're due right around Halloween so this would be a perfect treat to hand out as an announcement!


These are awesome! My soon to be husband (who has a wicked awesome handlebar mustache) and I were looking for something like this for our wedding. And bonus we're expecting a boy in january!


So crazy! I had my baby shower yesterday and did this, except with pink for it's girl! Just saw this post. They were our favors, and were such a hit!

Great minds think alike!


My dad has always had a mustache. When I was only about seven years old though, he shaved the entire thing off without asking me for permission. When I saw him, I was so traumatized about the immense difference it made on his face that I started sobbing my eyes out and I didn't speak to him until it grew back! Now, I always fear people shaving or even getting their hair cut!

Lorna DeLoach

I am helping with a baby boy shower and found your adorable moustache pops! You have a link posted for the tags but, it no longer works. Can you direct me to a link for them? I started making my own but, when I saw yours I thought “Why reinvent the wheel?”
Thank you for your help:-)


Do you have a link for the tags that works? Or can you email the file? I started making them for a baby shower and didn’t check the link before I started.


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