GIVEAWAY: Designer Notebooks!

When we were at Quilt Market in May, we were invited to Wiley Publishing’s swanky book launch party for Sandi Henderson’s Sewing Bits and Pieces, Anna Maria Horner’s Handmade Beginnings, and Melissa Averinos’ Small Stash Sewing. In addition to cleverly-themed cocktails for each author and an impressive Wiley ice sculpture, they had stacks of these super adorable notebooks for guests to take home. So cute right? One from each author/designer! And look at the lil’ unicorn inside Melissa’s! Well, guess what!?! We have a set of three to give away to one lucky reader.

Leave us a comment here telling us what would be in your signature cocktail and give it a fun name. Non-alcoholic works too! Share the giveaway on facebook by clicking “like” below, or tweet the giveaway, then leave another comment each time letting us know for an additional entry. Entries will close at midnight July 13th and a winner will be randomly selected.

I’ll start!

Jacinda’s 27-week countdown
Belvedere Vodka, Clamato Juice, a squeeze of lemon, Worcestershire Sauce and celery salt, garnished with a pickled onion, jalapeno and a shrimp cocktail!

Also… if you haven’t enter the HOOT Design Co Giveaway, you have one more day to enter!

Go go go!




Some of these are so hilarious! I love "No baby sister for you". I am still breastfeeding my 14-month-old so STILL no drinks for me, but when I do enjoy a bevvie or two, I'll freeze Mike's light hard cranberry lemonade in ice cubes, then crush 'em in the blender and dump 'em in a tall glass with some diet sprite poured over top to make it a little slushy, then maybe pop out into the backyard for a minute when no one's looking to enjoy it in peace on our back steps. Not looking at anything in particular: just sippin and kickin' at the dirt that will be a lawn. Someday.


We used to make something called Wild Watusis. (the origin of the name is rather fuzzy!) It's a non-alcoholic drink and it sounds really strange, but it's absolutely fabulous. Fill a glass with crushed ice, then Dr Pepper 3/4 full. Add some vanilla extract, a few teaspoons of Grenadine syrup, and then half-and-half to the top of the glass. DELICIOUS!

Thanks for the chance to enter — these notebooks are FABULOUS!

Showell Misses

This is called the my-husband-will-cook-if-I-buy-him Sangria. It's just your basic Sangria you can buy at the grocery store! So yummy. Especially with steaks cooked medium rare and a side of chips and salsa. Mmmm….


"Mommy Juice"- Orange juice, Pomegranate Juice, Ice, Margarita Mix, and Tequila! It's the perfect summer drink! I could use one with some chips and salsa RIGHT NOW!


Mine would be "Lush Slush"… A can of pineapple juice, two cans of frozen tropical fruit juice and a bottle of vodka, mix and freeze. Once frozen add two ice cream scoops of slush to a glass and fill with 7-up. Just remember to be careful when standing up.


Mine would be the Saigon Sunset: pomegranate juice, lemon juice, pineapple juice, vodka. Lots of ice. Because Saigon is WICKED hot and polluted 🙂 @ gmail

Rachel Gray

Mix pineapple rum with strawberry daiquiri mixer & ice for a fun & fruity drink! Actually – Daiqs are good with just about ANY fruity rum in my book. 🙂 I call it my Fresh & Fruity Daiquiri.


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