A Prudent Baby!

We have been keeping a little secret from y’all for a few months… we’re having a BABY here at Prudent Baby! Baby Boneau #3 is due January 11th. I’m sleepy, soooo sleepy so be prepared for 6 more months of projects that take under 5 minutes.

SO, what should we name it? Leave a comment with your favorite boy and girl name, but don’t be mad if I steal it and don’t be mad if I don’t tell you the name before it’s born, I’m totally annoying like that. But we do plan to find out the sex this time, if only so you will be inspired to send handmade gifts. I’m not kidding, send handmade gifts.

The photos are a side-by-side comparisons of Clare and Quinn at 1 day old. Isn’t it crazy how much they looked alike?Aren’t babies so cute?




Oh congrats Jacinda! I'm so very happy for you and your growing family! Clearly you produce some stunning girls, so I'm going to add to the list of baby names with these suggestions–although I know you'll pick something as beautiful as the baby.

I like the name Marigold for a girl.

But wouldn't it be funny if you came up with some sort of crafty name–like Singer for a boy. Hee hee! Rowan makes me think of Rowan yarn. Whatever you choose I know will be perfect perfect perfect!

Jenny May McKim

Wow your babies did look like twins..
I have identical twin girls and their names are Charlotte and Ruby-Jane..
We could not decide between Ruby and Jane and decided to put them together.. though we get lazy and call her Ruby..
I love old names….
If we had of had boy twins they would have been Miles and Edmond..
Or Charlie and Edmond..
I love Maebelle as well… and Maude…and Maggie…Oh I could go on…

Congrats on your pregnancy…
I am sure whatever name you do pick will be perfect!

Plum Handmade

Yay for babies! I seem to be partial to M names around here. My daughter is Molly. I love Maddox for a boy. If I have another daughter someday she will be Mia Ann-Marie. Feel free to steal away should these names tickle your fancy!

I like felt

Congratulations! Three kids is a handful but lots of fun. I have three girls, Josephine(Josie), Amelia(Mia), and Sylvia Pearl, these are my favorite girls names and yes, I am biased. For boys names I liked Ezra, Ira, Eugene, and Asher. Good luck finding the right name!!


I've always loved my name: Corrin. For a boy, I've thought of using Corbin. My friend who has a Claire named her other daughter Elenor.


Many congratulations! And how cute are the two at just one day old? Makes me want (another) one!!
Names – Emily or Olivia for a girl and James or William for a boy ๐Ÿ™‚
Happy, healthy pregnancy.


Congratz ! my first little one is due october 14th ๐Ÿ™‚
if it is a she, i'm gonna call her Kenza (treasure in arabic)
but i still can't find the right name if it is a he :s


Marcus is about the only boys' name I like. For girls, my two are Louisa and Elizabeth. I also love Serena, Constance, Camilla and Genevieve.


Many congratulations!

For the girl names I love Charlotte, Katie, Mae, Grace, Elizabeth (the nickname options are endless!!!), Dorothy, Miriam, Macy…i could go on and on!

For those rascal boys….Henry, Jackson, Eugene

Best of luck for a blessed, healthy pregnancy!


Congratulations! My girls are called Anneli and Juniper which are pretty rare names here in the UK. I'm loving Marmalade or Elsie for a girl and Otto for a boy at the moment…


Charlotte is cute now ๐Ÿ™‚ I was going to tell you my very favorite girl name which is Claire but CLEARLY we already have similar tastes ๐Ÿ˜‰ (my first visit here!) CONGRATS! (I found you via google looking for a play yard sheet pattern!)

The Dirt Road Diva

Congrats!!!!!!!!My daughter's name is Calla, like the flower, but not after the flower. I love the names Oscar and Aubry. I also love the name Alaska for a girl. too cute!


Congratulations! I love names that start with "A". My favorite girl-name is Aubrey and my favorite boy-name is Asher. Good luck!


Congratulations! I hope it's a girl! Mostly cause we have ALL boys. LOL
Our '04 boy/boy frat. twins are Nile and Noah.
Our '07 boy/boy ident. twins are James & Jonah
I like the names Sidney & Kai… for a boy or a girl.
Good things.

Nikki Madden

Congratulations! I'm forever thinking of cool names and then when someone asks me, I can't think of any. :- My girls are Darcy and Delaney, so I'm kinda partial to those. I've always liked Roman for a boy, but I don't like it with my last name and I think we're "done" so it doesnt really matter. ๐Ÿ˜‰


I have 2 girls. The baby is 6 months old. She was due Jan 11, 2010 but arrived on January 3. We named her Elodie Wynn. Wynn being her middle name. Her sister's name is Avarie Taylor.


Your babies are beautiful! For a boy I like Palmer. For a girl I like Evangeline (call her vangie for short) Congratulations!

Gingham Skies

Congrats!! Our new little man is named Kian so obviously that's the best boy name out there! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Had he been a girl he would have been Ella.

Your little ones are ADORABLE!


So fun!

I love Olivia, Audrey and Caley (Kayleigh, Caleigh — there are so many ways to spell it). Oh, and Caitlin…and Emma.

Patrick (not to be confused with Rick, or maybe to be confused with Rick…), Eoin, Cormac.

I have an afflication for the Irish, and girl names, apparently.

Congrats again!

Thalita Dol

I just found your blog and LOOOVE it!!

Your babies look identical! My favorite names are:

Cora, Elora, Eloise, Mae, Liv.
Theo, Rudi, Beni, Gael.

My girl's name is Lilla (pronounced 'leela' in portuguese)

Hugs from Brazil!!!


Congratulations! I hope the pregnancy is going well!! I love hearing what people call their beautiful babies! I had a little girl this year and called her Isla (pronounced eye-la) and her middle name is Caitlin. She is amazing!

If I had another girl I like:
Gemma, Lillian / Lily, Claudia, Violet, Mae, Scarlett, Ivy, Elena, Alice, Neve, Imogen, Liv, Beth, Naomi, Lexi, Jada/Jade

For a boy I like:
Connor, Liam, Luke / Lucas, Aidan, Lachlan


I'm a little late to the game, but congratulations on your coming baby! Hopefully you are still feeling well and ready for the new arrival! My kids are named Della Lucille and Theodore Canby. I get compliments on the names all the time and therefore fully encourage any name sharing with you and your family!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have fun!


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