Double Gauze Dress

So I sewed this dress for Miss S with every intention of sharing with you a detailed tutorial and a free downloadable pattern.  However, as I was sewing it I came across a few hurdles and thought up some fixes to make a better/simpler project. So I’m pondering working on a new pattern and step-by-step DIY that will allow you to make a similar dress.

But in the meantime, I wanted to show you the final product mostly because this fabric is unbelievably gorgeous and I want you all to get some.  It’s a double gauze and so flowy, soft, and cozy.  There are a bunch of beautiful double gauze fabrics also by Kokka still available at Fabricworm, check them out here.

If you’d like me to take another stab at creating a pattern for this dress and sharing a tutorial with you, let me know in the comments.  If you like it, I’ll get to work on it now.
P.S. by “get to work”, I mean scribble a horrible picture and send it to Jacinda to do the actual pattern drafting, HA.

UPDATE: Here’s the (revised) pattern: Prudent Baby Snap Wrap Dress




Please, please, please make a tutorial for that beautiful dress. My little sweetie needs as much girly cuteness as possible with 2 brothers around.


I love this dress. I am just learning to sew so I would love the updated pattern. Through your website, I have fallen in love with Fabricworm. I want to buy everything, but because I am not good at sewing yet, alas, a bulk purchase will have to wait. (insert sigh)


This kind of stuff makes me want to have a little girl so that I can sew for her. I'm afraid that if I make clothes for my friends with girls they would think I was just too weird.


Absolutely get to work on that pattern! I just got a sewing machine and would loooove to make this for my niece for her birthday!


yes please, esp if it doesn't involve a zipper! i have a similar pattern but it has a zipper and it's for heavier material, so the gauze would be nice.


please please please do a tutorial! I LOVE this dress. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am a beginner and have LOVED all your tutorials and patterns. they are so simple and perfect! thanks for all that you share with us out here in cyber world~


I would love a pattern and tutorial! I'm a beginner sewer, but I've been getting lots of practice in. This looks like something I would love to try!


PAAA-LEASE make a pattern and tutorial!! My daughter would be absolutely fabulous in this along with her gold bangle!! Must have tutorial..and make that an easy one, please! Just kidding with the diva demanding!!! lol!! I truly love this website and all your stuff. Umm.. by the way, I need easy because I'm kind of a novice who loves sewing, fashion and dressing my daughter in all things cute!! This would be great for her..I love it!!!!!


Please, please, please, please… make this into a pattern for us! My two little girls would love to wear a dress like this – plus I'd have all winter to make it for them if you do it soon (it might actually get done)! Thank you!!


This is the perfect cut for a little girl. My girls are bothered by clothes that are too snug around their waists. With this they can let their pot bellies hang out. lol


Girl! What are you waiting for? You already have an invitation from 72 (I will be the 73rd) followers to do up another pattern! Just get on with it then!


Just wondering if you ever made the pattern for this? It's *a*dor*a*ble*!! My 3.5yo daughter would love it! ๐Ÿ™‚


I would love a pattern and a tutorial for this lovely dress so I can make it for my daughters


Hi Jamie! When I click the link to the pattern I get re-directed to a search page. Is the pattern still available?


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