America’s Test Kitchen Tour & a GIVEAWAY!

Thanks to Jaime’s Awesomeness, I was invited to take a tour of the America’s Test Kitchen headquarters while I was in New England last week. As a long-time fan of everything this company does, it was pretty amazing to see where the magic happens. And what is this magic I speak of? Well, among other things, they produce America’s Test Kitchen which airs on PBS, Cook’s Illustrated Magazine (to which both Jaime and I have both been long-time subscribers) and publish, like, dozens of actually useful cookbooks each year. The day was extra special because they don’t typically offer tours. Lucky me! And lucky us, because they let me take a bunch of photos, ask a bunch of questions and they also gave us a great gift for one lucky, lucky Prudent Baby reader.

Thanks Emily and Bailey (and everyone in the kitchen who smiled when we totally got in the way.) It was a great day! And thanks to my fabulous sister Amanda for coming along, and for suggesting that I pose for a second photo after this one:

Really, is there anything less cute than a pregnant lady eating a plate of kim chi?

Click here to check out the tour and the rad GIVEAWAY!


Don’t you love the understated entrance and winding ancient staircase? I miss New England so much. And across the street? A gorgeous yarn shop and a Japanese market where I stocked up on candy for the flight home.

But back to the tour, I’m so easily distracted.

These are bins of table linens for photo shoots. Yum, right? But the best part? Employees can sign them out. They may also borrow any of the thousands of cookbooks that line the walls and any kitchen supplies from industrial mixers to party platters. Now that’s a job perk!

One of my favorite features in Cook’s Illustrated is their product taste tests. Here they were setting up for a red wine vinegar feature. In the October Issue they have a great one comparing the top-selling brands of beef broth. I’ll say it again, I love this magazine.

Here is a bank of DCS ovens, one of their few sponsors. Oooh, Ahhh. As a rule, ATK doesn’t accept any freebies and there are no ads in their magazines!. You can rest-assured that if they are reviewing frying pans or mustards, they paid for them. In fact, they spend over $500,000 per year on groceries alone. Since they don’t review heavenly commercial-grade ovens, they are free game.

Some tasty looking little pot-pies, perfect for Fall. Yum.

Will this be the moment that I give in to Crocs? The chefs made them look so cool and comfy. Perhaps if they matched my perfectly seasoned Le Creuset dutch oven.

Here is a set up for a new recipe that a chef was trying that day. I asked who prepared all of the ingredient in such an organized and dreamy fashion (fantasizing about having my own kitchen intern at home) but alas each chef sees their recipe through from start to finish. So if they can do it, so can I, I suppose.

Some serious taste testing. Rumor has it that the freshman 15 has nothing on your first year at ATK.

One of the kitchens was hard at work on holiday treats. You can imagine how heavenly it smelled in there, right? Feast your eyes…

The entire neighborhood of Brookline Village, MA is a lovely place to spend the day. Tons of little shops and restaurants. If you make it there, head to Cutty’s, a sandwich shop owned by former ATK chefs, for the Eggplant Spuckie. Almost definitely the best sandwich I have ever had. EVER! And I’ve eaten many, many sandwiches.

And now for the best part!

ATK would like to give one lucky USA-based Prudent Baby reader a full one-year subscription to Cook’s Illustrated Magazine. You are going to love this magazine. Your husband will love this magazine. Each issue contains a wealth of cooking knowledge. You will be smarter. Not at all kidding.

So if you want to be a culinary genius, leave us a comment right here. Tell us what you plan to whip up in the kitchen this week. It doesn’t have to be fancy. I’m making a beef roast and chicken enchiladas, and probably some meatballs. The girls and I have been loving spaghetti and meatballs since our trip to Rhode Island. And if you don’t know what to make, sign up for a free 14-day Cook’s Illustrated online membership for access to their 17 years of “Recipes that work.”  You’re bound to find some inspiration! A winner will be selected at random and announced on Wednesday August 31st.




I'm making corn chowder, a sesame chile chicken with watermelon salsa, and I'll probably get my toddler into the kitchen to make sugar cookies.


Awesome giveaway! There's lots of "putting up" to be done around here this week–tomatoes galore from the garden! I've got spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce and stewed tomatoes to can. I also have some grapes to make grape jelly with. Regular cooking: zucchini and couscous, spaghetti, soy meatballs and baked potatoes are on the menu!


I love that magazine! I bought one at the store one time and would love to have more! I think I will make one of my favorites from it, Chichen with 40 cloves of garlic! YUM!


I'm looking to grill some pizza! I've never done it before, but after the most depressing 6+ months of having a broken oven I finally realized recently that I could still make pizza, just stove-top. I hope it works!


Oh, I loved seeing these photos! Thanks for sharing them.

I am making homemade spaghetti and meatballs tonight, pork chops with mushroom sauce, chicken stir fry, and a garlic rosemarry crusted pork roast later this week.

decadent cookie

I love the magazine but cant always afford to buy it so this is such an amazing opportunity!
I'd love to make something new with all the eggpants my kids just picked.


I have the Family Test Kitchen cook book so I am already a huge fan! I actually just made their chewy chocolate chip cookies yesterday- the best recipe hands down- and I love their Black Bean Soup. Delish! I will likely make that this or next week!

What a dream to do the tour. Wow.


I made mint fudge and marshmallow fudge this week for a women's salad and chocolate night at our church. I'm a little sick of chocolate after this, there was so many delicious desserts!


When I was 8 months pregnant, I used their 'Best Make-Ahead Recipes' to stock the freezer with oven-ready meals. Now, with a 1-month old baby, those meals are invaluable! Everything I've made from these guys has been top-notch.


I really don't do too much cooking late in the summer. There are a lot of garden produce to use in salads and sandwiches. I LOVE ATK, though and have their Family cookbook.


I'm looking forward to two meals this week: Red kidney bean curry from Smitten Kitchen and Thai Curry with japanese eggplants.

Also, SO jealous of your tour of the ATK. I have adored their magazine for years and flip through their cookbooks almost nightly. Would love to be able to have a subscription again!


I whipped up some yummy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies last night and will be grilling my farm fresh corn and roasting tomatoes/tomatillos this weekend.


Alllllll sooooo yummy. Tonight I made chicken kebabs – using, of course, the recipe from The Best Recipe book. Yay for America's Test Kitchen. Love them.


I just finished making banana chocolate chip cookies and banana blackberry muffins. I had a lot of bananas to use up.


I will be whipping up some homemade soup (hoping it works better this time than last), some roast chicken and grilling steaks.


As much as I would love to bake me some ATK chocolate chip cookies, my oven is on the fritz and I will have to settle for some homemade mac & cheese (baked on the grill outside) to feed my comfort food cravings.


This week for breakfast I am making breakfast burritos, waffles, pancakes, & smoothies. All the other meals I have no idea what to make. I obviously need a subscription to Cooks' Illustrated for dinner ideas!


i LOVE Cooks Illustrated! Everything always makes sense and turns out delicious. This week I'll be making a few zucchini recipes (frittatas, muffins, and who knows what else) as our garden has finally given us some giant zucchini!

Megan @ Meanwhile...

Love that magazine! I had a subscription once upon a time…I miss it! Hmm, it's chilly here this week, so I'm making warm things. Maybe some italian sausage soup tonight.


I think cooking can really be enjoyable and an art, I love getting in the kitchen with my husband or kids and cooking up a meal or treat we all enjoy. Always love to find and discover something new to add to our family recipes.

Mama Lusco

Tonight was pork roast with fresh picked green beans & roasted red potatoes, peppers & onions. I'm still canning green beans & corn from my garden. Love their PBS show and hope to win!


How fun. I was there last year summer and was very impressed. The place is huge and the people so friendly. Did you get to see Chris' bike? Pretty cool.
Yesterday was spicy tuna casserole night and tonight my hubby's chicken fajitas. Yum! Thanks for doing the giveaway.

So-Sew Me

Sunday was rib-eyes, mashed potatoes, and beans. Tonight will be baked rigatoni and meatballs. I love to cook a little bit of everything.


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