There are only 2 more days to enter for the chance to win a SILHOUETTE DIGITAL CUTTING MACHINE and here is one more way to enter. And really, you are ALL going to be “winners” because it involves signing up for the rad new Prudent Mama Newsletter that we have been finishing up this week. What? That’s not as good as a Silhouette? You haven’t even seen it yet!!
 Check it out…

We have lined up some exclusive deals from our sponsors. Like seriously good deals for feeding your crafting and sewing addictions. Subscribers will also be the first to hear about a new monthly contest and the first to see contest prizes and winners! And let’s not forget… original content before it hits
Are you convinced? Ok, head over to The Giveaway Post and get the details!

PS. My little Russian “Asleep/Awake” Plush Doll was made with the Silhouette, Flocked Heat Transfer Material and Love.  Now if I can just hand it off to baby Quinn without the tyrant sister noticing.


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