How to Make Fabric Slippers with Free Pattern

Homemade slippers, what could be cozier? After all, The Season of Cozy is upon us.

These are non-slip slippers and they have a super comfy minky lining. I’ll tell you all about how to make them non-slip and how to make a sole, along with a free pattern, so you too can get cozy.

And I had fun making the Rolled Fabric Flowers we posted last week as little embellishments. Gorg, right?

Get the full How to Make Slippers Tutorial and Free Slipper Pattern after the jump…

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How to Make Fabric Slippers with Free Pattern

So you’ll need a few things to get started. You’ll need some fabric for the outside and the lining. I used pretty Anna Maria Horner Folksy Flannel Fortune in Marine, and this AMAZINGLY luxurious Minky – Moda Snuggles Whimsy in Butter (seriously the nicest minkee i have ever touched) as the lining. I think they look pretty cute together, right?

You’ll also need some 1/4″ elastic, less then a yard (for size 9 feet you’ll need 22 inches -2 pieces each 11″ long- to be exact).

Now, you can skip an insole but your slippers won’t be very comfy, so what’s the point in that. So buy a pair of these in your size: washable insoles.

And then to have a nice non-slip bottom pick up some of this (you can make about 3 pairs with this $3 package): Jiffy Grip.

1.  So download the free slipper pattern and print it out here: Prudent Baby Slipper Pattern.  It’s for my feet which are a massive size 9.  So to edit it, you can make them shorter by cutting a bit out of the middle of the sole.  If you cut out an inch, then also cut out an inch on the length of the side piece.  I hope that makes sense.  But at the end of the day, these are slippers and they have an elastic top, so they are very flexible when it comes to sizing.  You can also use a slipper or shoe that fits you to create your own pattern, using ours as a guideline.  So get the Free Prudent Baby Slipper Pattern here.

2.  Now you need to trace and cut out your pattern pieces.  For the sole you need 2 pieces in Jiffy Grip, 2 pieces in batting (or more batting pieces if you want them even cozier), and 2 of your lining (minky in my case).  These slippers aren’t right foot/left foot just to keep it simple.  Then for the slipper upper you need two pieces of lining and two pieces of outer fabric (flannel in my case):

3.  Now grab one of your outer pieces and fold it in half right sides facing and sew up the straight edge.  This is your heel:

Lay one piece of batting, then put your jiffy grip on top of it, right (bumpy) side up:

Then take your upper and pin it right side facing to the sole, through the jiffy grip and batting. Start by pinning the center of the heel, then the center of the toe, then the center of the sides, so it all stays nicely aligned:

Continue to pin, edges aligned, all the way around:

Sew near the edge with a straight stitch, then trim your edges:

When you turn it inside out it will look like this, you’ve made the shoe outer:

4.  Now we repeat with the lining for the same foot.  Fold the upper in half and sew the heel together along the straight edge:

Put the lining sole right side up, then pin the lining upper to it, right sides facing:

This time sew almost all the way around with a straight stitch, but leave the base of the heel open, backstitching at the beginning and end:

5.  Now make sure your outer shoe is inside out:

And the lining is right side out:

Fit the lining into the shoe (now right sides are facing) and pin at the heel with the seams open:

Pin all the way around the shoe opening:

Sew in place at the edge with a straight stitch all the way around, then trim your edge:

6.  Now reach in the hole in the lining of the heel and turn your slipper right side out:

We need to sew a channel around the top for our elastic.

So start on one side of the heel seem, back stitch, sew all the way around the shoe opening about 1/4-1/2″ down from the seam, stopping a little on the other side of the heel so there’s an opening to thread your elastic through like so:

7.  Now grab your elastic (mine was 11″ – start longer then cut it if you need to after trying it on) and go through the hole in the heel lining to thread it all the way around the channel we just sewed:

Pull it out the other side through the opening in the heel.  Try it on, see how long you need it to be:

Sew it together with a zig zag:

Push it back into the casing and sew the opening between your casing start and finish point closed:

8. Now pop open the hole in the lining of the heel:

Push your shoe insert in:

And sew the hole closed.  You could slip stitch but this is the inside of a slipper, I wasn’t stressing the finishing details, so I just closed it with a straight stitch on my sewing machine:

Push your shoe back into place.  Now make some rolled fabric flowers or pom poms or what-have-you for decoration (or none, whatever your pleasure) and sew them on.

Finished and it feels so good!

Oh wait, I forgot to mention you have to start all over and make a second shoe. That’s the thing with shoes.  And pillows.  And earrings.  So anyway, make another one.  OK, now you’re done.

Cozy up!

I can’t wait to make a tiny matching pair for Scarlet!  And i can’t wait to see some pictures if you decide to make these!



Destiny W.

Thank you for the tutorial, I just made the slippers. I used white minky on the inside and penguins in winter on pink as the outside. I decided to skip the elastic, becase I live in Florida and it gets pretty hot here. Helps to let my feet breath. Again, thanks. It was super easy to follow your pictures and instructions.
Destiny W.

Rosie Engelbrecht

Thank you so much for this tutorial! Seeking it for such a long time! it’s a great gift for me!


merci pour les explication, je cherchais un modèle depuis longtemps

SusanAnn Sheidy

The pattern page is missing? If someone has the pattern would you be so kind to e mail to me please. I would so appreciate your kindness. My mail is thank you again.


In the tutorial, right after the photo of the Jiffy Grip fabric, is a paragraph numbered 1. The pattern link is at the end of the first sentence. Cheers

Sewing Bee

A question: Is the seam allowance included in the pattern pieces, or does it need to be added. If it is included, what is the seam allowance?

Lastly, thank you for making this pattern available. The slippers are so-o-o cute!


To anyone having a problem with the size, you have to unclick the “fit to page” option before printing. The pattern will actually run off the page a little. Your printer most likely fits it to page automatically.

Tasha Garland

I just made these and love them! I think I am going to make an extra pair (or 6 🙂 ) to toss in my car for the drive home from work after a long shift on my feet all day at the hospital! The only part that I stumbled on a little bit was the seam allowance for the heel on the upper and lining. I found that 1/2″ worked best to match the size of the upper to same size as the lower.

Lynn channer

These are the best slippers I gave ever made have made for grandchildren and have two pairs so when us washed have others even my daughter said gers waits for her when she walks in on they come thank you so much for a brilliant pattern and helpful pictures as well


Omigosh !! I have a couple pairs of fabric slippers I bought two years ago and they are my favorites, but since they are becoming worn I have wanted to replace them with my own fabric creations. You have made my plan SO EASY with your fabulous pattern !!! Now I can make as many as I want – great for stocking stuffer gifts at Christmas too. Thank you so much !!!


Thanks so much for the pattern! I had to tweak the pattern a little for my size, but they turned out great. The pictures helped a lot!

Fabric Heart

this is great. I am sure the fabric exchange has so many choices of fabric for this kind of project.

Kathy Griffith

Where is the free pattern download? I’ve been through this page 10 times and all I get to download are pdf converter, or some other program that I don’t need. Love to have this pattern if I could get it.


Same problem as Kathy, when i click on where to get this pattern – i go in a silly circle of ending up on the same page, again, and again , and again . . . . . . .


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