GIVEAWAY: Gingercake Patterns

Virginia from Gingercake, is here to share her adorable pattern shop with us and to announce an AWESOME giveaway just in time for holiday gift making. You may remember her from the lovely Scrappy Pumpkin Tutorial. Take it away Virginia…

Hi!  I am Virginia Lindsay, creator of Gingercake Patterns.  I started sewing again (like many of you!) when my kids were new and I was spending more time at home while they were napping and playing.   I loved all the bright and beautiful fabrics available and I became addicted to searching for new projects all the time!  I eventually found myself with many ideas of my own and I loved the process of taking that idea and turning it into a perfected pattern.  I wanted to create items that were useful and thoughtful for our busy lives.  Since most of us already have an almost full schedule, a day spent sewing is such a treat and I wanted to create a line of patterns would be a treat for the sewer and the person she is sewing for.    For sewers, searching for that perfect pattern is like shopping at the mall for other women (we shop at the mall too!)~ we get to think about who we are sewing for, what fabric combinations we are going to use,  and always ask ourselves, are they really going to use this?  You don’t want to waste your precious sewing time on something that isn’t going to be cute and useful!  My favorite feedback from people who bought a Gingercake pattern is not only “we use this all the time!” but also, “i had so much fun making this!” We all know that we can buy something cute at the big box store, but creating a handmade gift is not only about who is getting the gift but about how much you enjoyed your time spent sewing!

This giveaway is for the entire collection of Gingercake Patterns. This will keep you busy well past the holidays!  In this collection you will find cute and stylish patterns for moms, kids, and everyone else on your list.  Enjoy your sewing!  

Read on for the details on how to enter!
To enter this giveaway, visit Gingercake Patterns and then come back here and leave a comment telling us which pattern you would start with if you won them all, and also who you will make it for. I’d start with the Crayon Art Folio for my artist Clare and then move on to Max the Owl for my cuddle-bug Miss Quinn. Ok, and then I’d make the Getaway Duffle for me.

So leave your comment anytime between now and Sunday, November 14th. Come back every day for a new entry. Tweet, Stumble, and/or share the giveaway on facebook by clicking “like” below and leave us another comment each time letting us know for an additional entry. We will select one winner at random. I’m excited to announce that this giveaway is open to INTERNATIONAL READERS! yay!

Enter, enter, enter! Love this giveaway!




I would make the art caddy tote for a little friend of my daughters. She shares a bday with my little one.


I would start with the Lola Owl Pillow pattern and then go straight to Max the Owl! I love owls, and these patterns are so cute! Then I would make one of those nifty lunch bags and take it from there until my sewing machine turns itself off and tells me to give it a rest!!


I've commented every day this week on a different project, and I think its time to admit the truth: I have a problem. I want to sew every single thing she offers. I want to buy new fabric for each project. I want to be consumed by gingercake.


First of all, thank you thank you thank you for solving Christmas for me! We're buying our house in two days so EVERY gift is going to have to be home crafted and very prudent. Our friends and their kids usually camp in our garden overnight at Christmas (it's summer here in Argentina) so I'd start by making art caddies and crayon folios for Paloma, Fiona and Romeo, who spend all day drawing whenever they visit. My best friend Luciana's a writer so I'd love to make her a foxy notebook cover. Hubby Diego leaves for work before 6am every day with a tupperware of homemade muesli so a manly-print lunch bag would go down a treat. And finally for my all-time favourite person in the world, little Violeta, a flock of Katie bird pillows for when I finally decide to move out of my home office and let her have it for a bedroom (she's only 5 months so we're sharing for now). But maybe I'll be a little bit selfish and make an art caddy for myself before all the above: it'd be perfect for shlepping both work stuff and craft stuff between house and garden now the weather's warming up…

Big E's Mom

I'd start with the Art Caddy Tote. Then move on to The Waste Free Lunch Bag. That would be an excellent gift plan for the holidays. I have 9 nieces and nephews along with my own son to gift for this year. AND it's gonna be a fully crafted Christmas for us. YIKES. Lots to do.

sewing momma

I am a homeschooling mom of three, and we love to take our school outside, so I would definitely start with the Art Tote first. Then, I would make the Crayon Art Folio for my precious niece that doesn't leave home without her crayons. I love all of these patterns. So close to Christmas… What fantastic gifts:).


I'd definitely make the Lola Owl pillow first! How gorgeous! Then the Crayon Art Folio, my nearly 3 year old daughter loves drawing. It'd be the perfect birthday present for her, just before her baby sister arrives 3 days later!


I WANNA make that Duffel bag!! Oh, my I do love that bag. I had an idea for the Notebook Slipcover for a gift, so i need to make that too. Oooooo, I wanna make them all!! Thanks for this opportunity!


I would start with the Lola owls first. I just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Ophelia 7lb. 4oz. 7/15/11 and we have began to decorate her room with baby owls. So far we have a quilt that grandma made but these pillows would be perfect for mama to add!


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