Giveaway: World’s Coolest Baby Book!

This is Your Book was created by a dad for his newborn daughter, because he wasn’t feeling the baby books he came across in stores. I’m so glad he did, because this book is a totally fresh and rad take on the baby book – I love the idea that it’s a book made by a dad, that a modern dad would enjoy filling out.

This is Your Book is a modern twist on a baby journal that gives parents an opportunity to record thoughts and fun facts about all the vital information from the day their baby was born. From basic info such as their baby’s height, hospital and hair color, to fun thoughts on all the baby names that were ruled out, to random statistics such as the U.S. Dollar to Euro exchange rate and the price of a bottled water, this book will provide great insight into what the world was like when their child was born, and will be a fun stimulus for conversation and education with their child in the years to come. Written and designed by graphic artist and father of two, Ryan Maconochie, also known as Star RM. You can view more of his works at

Could this book be any cooler? Check it out:

I’m so excited to be giving away a copy of this book to one lucky Prudent Baby reader. It would be great for your own kid, but even cooler to give as a gift because it will make you seem very awesome and hip. So, to enter this giveaway I am honoring my fave page:

So just leave us a comment with what you would write on that page – what other names did you consider for your kid? I’m so lucky we had a girl because Carleton wanted to name our son Wolf. Yes, just Wolf. He was adamant. Whew. I wanted to name her Zsu Zsu, from It’s A Wonderful Life, but he nixed it. There’s always next time.

So leave your comment anytime between now and midnight, Wednesday, November 10th. Come back every day for a new entry. Tweet, Stumble, and/or share the giveaway on facebook by clicking “like” below and leave us another comment each time letting us know for an additional entry. We will select one winner at random and send off the coolest baby book ever. And, guess what all you super awesome international readers, here’s one you can enter! This book can be won by readers anywhere on this planet. Or, you can just go ahead and order one here: This is Your Book.




We didn't find out the sex of either baby. For our son, who is now 8 months, he wanted the name Job. Not job, like I have a job, but Job, like from the Bible. Erm… NO! He would have been made from of beginning in daycare! I won't go in to the job jokes… I wanted the name Annabelle Claire for a girl, but he hated it. We settled on Benjamin Truitt. 🙂
I'm not a baby book person- but this looks like fun!


This is cool. We were dead set on naming our daughter Maeble until the day I went into labor. We changed it to McKinley that morning and a few hours later I started having contractions. I guess she was just waiting for the right name!


I like SO many names it was pretty hard to decide. If it weren't for my husband our daughter (who's one) probably still wouldn't have a name!
We named her Violet Charles, which I love, but it could have been Elanore (and we would have called her Nora for short), or Harriet, or Olive, or Felix, or Harvey, or Bea, or Hazel, or Harry, or Charlotte, or Esther, or Mavis, or Gus, or Oliver, or Wolfie, or…………… I love names. I might have to have about 10 more children just to use up a few on the list.
I guess I'm going to need quite a few of these brilliant baby books if that's the case. Haha. Thanks for the chance to win!


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