One of the crafty dreams that I found under the tree was a giant… GIANT!… box of vintage pom-pom trim from my sister-in-law. Does she know me OR WHAT? She works for a theater that received a warehouse-sized donation of such delights from a woman in Las Vegas. Can you imagine my glee upon opening this package? So here is the fun part, for this week’s Surprise Prize, the winner will receive a yard of my pom-pom trim. Whichever color you like! So send in the comments ladies. Our favorite of the week is the winner. We will announce next Friday! Amuse us!



pony & pants

I've just discovered the magic of pom poms! I made my goddaughter some super girly chaps for Xmas (she is into horses and needs all the trimmings) and thanks to you and your tutorial on using the pom poms to make a pillow I finally figured out how to use trim to make them super cute. Now I'm a bit obsessed with the poms and want to put them on everything! Especially some pillows for the new little ones that are about to come into my life! Thank you, thank you for sharing all that you do!

Mama Bear

Ohhh how awesome!! I would love to use this to make something for my lil sassy butt!! She has an OBSESSION with pom poms, truly, when she was younger she made us put them in between her toes before she could go to sleep!!! Seriously, not making it up. Now she just sleeps with them! Any time we go to a store she says "fuzzballs?!?" (that's what we call them), anyhoot can't wait to see what little projects you come up with



My 4 year old idolizes Fancy Nancy and I've been wanting to replicate a very fancy dress out of one of her books that is completely bedazzled in all sorts of pom-poms, ric-rac, etc. Your trim would be perfect!

Uno Kidney

In highschool I wanted to pom pom the inside of my car so bad. I drove a 1971 Powder Blue Ford LTD. Biggest car on the road.
I think the pom poms really would have spiced things up…

But today, now? I would pom pom my…mailbox…make it a sweet little surprise for the mail man to see every day.


I'm glad its you and not me with all that fun, beautiful, colorful pom-pom trim! Rather I should say my family should be glad its you and not me. I would barricade myself into my studio for weeks on end crafting and creating. I would, however, be perfectly happy with a yard 🙂

Jahje Ives

A yard – hmmm is it ok if I just wrap it around my neck and call it a necklace. Well maybe I could put forth a little effort and sewn it onto a nice length of fabric and make an actual scarf. Any way I am coveting your find, can I become an honorary sister-in-law and find some of that under my tree next year?

Craft Snob

Hi my name is Pom-ela,
I want a yard of pink poms la la,
to craft a sweet lookin' scarf la la,
if I don't win I might barf ha ha,
cause the trim costs a lot of moolah ha ha,
pick me and I will make you proud ta da.

Sara (at) craftsnob (dot) com


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