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The time has come to pack a bag and be ready to jet to the hospital whenever baby may decide to join us. Here’s what I have learned to bring along in my two go-rounds. What am I missing?

For Mom
The Bag – Make it ~ Buy it
Camera & extra batteries/charger
Laptop and power cord
MusicMellow ~ Upbeat
Phone & Charger
Video Camera (above the waist shots only please)
Name Book (1) ~ (2) ~ (3)
Trashy & Lovely Magazines
Fruit and Snacks (have you tried these? um yum)
A great headband
Outfit to wear home – yes, you will still be in maternity clothes
Shampoo, conditioner, comb, product (learned this one the hard way)
A little crafty project like embroidery or crochet
A water bottle
Thank you cards & pen
Notebook or journal

For Baby 
Hospital Outfits
Going home outfit – don’t forget a sweet hat
blanket ~ Make it ~ Buy it
Boppy pillow with a cute cover
A nursing cover. You might not care but your dad will.
Gifts for older sisters when they come to visit
and a great book

What am I forgetting? Leave some great advice and you might win those cute embroidery patterns, which would make an excellent little craft project for my vacation, I mean, hospital stay.




Your favourite teacup/ coffee mug. The ones at hossy are usually ungainly and too small, and it's so nice to be able to have a decent cuppa.

Also some special shower gel/lotion. I can still get those memories back instantly when I use the shower gel I bought specially for each birth stay.


-Your own washcloths (after working in a hospital I did this when I had my own girls)

-socks with grippy thingie stuff on the bottom

-lip balm not stick since that can get cakey on super dry lips

– body cream. After my girls my elbows were so dry they stuck to everything like velcro. Ew.

– Your own pillow and soft blankie

– cotton grannie panties that you won't mind throwing away if "leaked" on

– Your own ex-long pads with wings

– One more thing I didn't learn until my 4th go round…seriously consider letting the baby stay in the nursery at least once for a good long nap. Once I was home, I had the help of my mom and husband, but my other girls, especially my 2 year old, always needed mommy. Those hospital naps were the best naps I had. lol

Good luck mama. Sending my prayers your way.


Baby nail clippers. Our hospital doesn't clip baby's nails for you, and if your baby is like ours, his/her nails will be LONG and SHARP first thing!

I also bought travel sizes of all my toiletries (shampoo, etc.) so I wouldn't have to pack and repack them in my hospital bag before the baby came. All I had to remember to do was throw my makeup in (although I never did put any on the whole time we were at the hospital…hahaha).

Next time I might bring my own towel for that first glorious after-delivery shower (hospital towels are worthless).


Italian ice!!! Amazing little treat and it counts as "clear liquid" if they won't let you eat. And an extra bag to sneak some things out, swaddling blankets, those cute, perfectly white, tiny t-shirts, ice packs…


I always (we're on our fourth now) try to remember to bring my Burt's Bees chapstick and hand lotion. I find that between getting nursing started, dry hospital air, and everything else, I can always do with a perky peppermint-scented chapstick to help camouflage that I've been up for 24 hours straight without brushing my teeth and prevent mega chapped lips and fingers.

Laura @ ON{thelaundry}LINE

comfy housecoat! I wound up being induced so I didn't walk around much and thusly didn't need or use mine, but if I had a more normal labor (you know, not being 10 days overdue with a 9lb5oz baby for example) it would have been invaluable. Also, I left the hospital four hours after birth b/c I had a midwife to visit me at home, but otherwise I think i would have used it a lot after the birth too.
I didn't pack it for the first baby and wished I had, and I did for the second and it didn't even come out of the bag. You just never know I guess!


your own mug/tea cup. Those horrible thick walled plastic ones the hospitals have are nasty. And pack heaps of snacks cause whenever you get hungry you can never find the damn meal trolley.


Your own Mom…to help you fix your hair…lol, seriously…I was in too much pain after my daughter was born due to tearing to stand up on my own for more than 5 minutes…my Mom came and dried and styled my hair for me and it was like heaven…it makes me feel better to know my hair isn't night of the living dead all the time…

emily @morefromthemoorefamily

nursing bras or tanks… I love the ones from Target. I live in those nursing tanks. Also, make sure you bring some toys for the siblings to play with, my 2 year old had a ball with his Thomas the Trains, he hung out with us for 4 hours without getting bored one day! It was lovely to have the family of 4 together!!


I had Violeta at home (with a midwife and obstetrician), which was a really beautiful experience. But even though I never had to pack a bag (probably a good thing as it would have been HUGE), some of the highlights from my labour/birth that you might be able to take with you were:
-candles (just little tealights, the low flickering light of which really helped me to relax during labour)
-aromatherapy massage oil (get your hubby up to speed quickly! the midwife massaged my arms and legs, especially calves and ankles, with lavender and peppermint oils-I never would have thought of that combination-and it was incredibly relaxing and refreshing)
-gatorade for both during and after (hey, this is probably the longest bout of exercise any woman will go through!)
-juicy cold fresh fruit mmm mangos and peaches for afterwards. Anything to avoid hospital food.
-a black cotton wrap/nightie. I hate cutey white bunny-print maternity nighties which make you look like you're the baby AND drain what little colour you have left. Black doesn't show the stains AND makes you look foxier. I got one from Womama and wore cute boxers (hello Jaime's sleep shorts) under to hide those sexy post-baby grandma-sized panties.
-and of course a Prudent Baby swaddling blanket! Violeta had a few "naked days" after she was born, just in a nappy/diaper, but whenever she left my bed I wrapped her up like a little parcel in her blanket.
-tazer/water pistol/big fence to keep out unwanted visitors (or maybe just a reliable relative filtering them out) 🙂
-OH! Very important! Get a good friend to organize a squad of other friends to clean and cook for you for a couple of weeks on your return. The best new mum gift ever! Especially with two other kids.
Have an amazing birth! xx


MyBrestFriend pillow kicks Boppy's arse! Seriously, that pillow is a GAME CHANGER. Especially for any mamas who end up with a c-section. That pillow changed my nursing relationship with my kid – for the better. I love it!


p.s. I totally also took home the mesh panties, washed, and rewore them! I had a section delivery and none of my low-riding, under the bump panties were the right choice over that incision site. BTW: that's my other advice – a pair of JUST IN CASE giant granny panties and some generous, loose workout pants if delivery ends up in the OR (maybe being prepared for it will be a Murphy's law insurance policy against it happening). I remember joking as I packed my low-rise yoga pants, "gee, these would be bad with a c-section, but that will NEVER HAPPEN, right?" Doh!


Audio book!!
We had an emergancy C-section. TG my hubby brought me one of the Harry Potter books on audio book. There was no CD player in my room so we played it on the dvd player and tossed a blanket over the TV it was the ONLY way I could sleep. We were stuck there for 5 days.


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