Best. Contest. Yet.

All of our gushing over our beloved sewing machines and our stalking of executives has finally paid off! Brother has generously offered to provide the prizes for our next Prudent Baby Contest. And what are these prizes you might ask?

Well they just so happen to be a Brother PC-420 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine and a Limited Edition Project Runway Innov-s 40 Sewing Machine. That’s right, WE ARE GIVING AWAY TWO AMAZING BRAND NEW SEWING MACHINES: one of my machine and one of Jaime’s machine!!!! You are wondering what you have to do to be entered into such an exciting contest, right? We can’t tell you quite yet but if you are signed up for the monthly Prudent Mama newsletter, you will get the scoop on Thursday in the January edition. That’s one week earlier than we announce the contest here on the blog! A full extra week to work on your entry! And if you haven’t signed up yet, why not take care of that right here and now. We’ll wait…

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Ok, so you’re all signed up to get the scoop on how to win these babies.  Now it’s time to learn more about these magical prize machines! See more pics and read a little more about both amazing Brother sewing machines after the jump…

Check out these prizes…eek!

Jaime’s Machine – Limited Edition Project Runway Innov-s 40 Sewing Machine  
Named best machine in it’s price range by Consumer Reports and is only available through sewing machine dealers. While you can get a great machine online, it really is a wonderful experience to go into a dealer and speak with them about what you want to do right away with your machine, and what you hope to eventually do as you learn more. Usually the shop will also offer you classes to get to know your machine. Oh, and prices are usually very negotiable in a shop.

Main Features:

  • Available at Authorized Innov-s Dealers Only
  • 40 built-in stitches, including 5 one-step auto-size buttonhole styles
  • Stitch selection via dial and LCD
  • 7-point feed dogs
  • Free-motion stitching
  • Jam resistant top bobbin with Quick-set bobbin
  • Built-in needle threading system

Jacinda’s Machine – Brother PC-420 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine

I received this machine as a gift from my husband a year ago and I love it. It’s a basic computerized machine. I’m constantly surprised by it’s many features and many accessories including goodies like a walking foot!

Main Features:

  • 294 built-in stitches, including 10 styles of one-step automatic buttonholes and 3 lettering styles, each with 55 alphanumeric characters
  • Direct 10-key stitch selection and LCD screen
  • My Custom Stitch feature
  • Advanced needle threading system and automatic thread trimming
  • A built-in knee lift raises the presser foot in order to reposition or remove your fabric
  • Digital stitch length and width control

So are you ready to beat out all the other Prudent Mamas to win one of these babies? Stay tuned to find out how. Leave us a comment now and you could win a Kokka fat quarter. We’re givers. With a little help from Brother, of course.



Almost American

Ooh – both those machines look awesome – though anything looks good next to my 25 year-old machine. People forget that computer technology has impacted things like sewing machines too! A fat quarter would be nice too.


I just saw your site on craftgawker, and have cruised all over it, and I like what I see! I signed up for your newsletter too. and now I have a chance to enter a contest-whoohoo!

His and Hers

I just came across your site today and love it! I could use one of these machines so bad! I've been using one of my mom's old feather weights (it's really old, but reliable)…it only does a basic, straight stitch, but I'm interested in getting into more complex sewing!


I'd love to win a Brother, as I don't have a sewing machine at all :(. Please, please, please give me a chance at winning so that I can make all of the fabulous projects that you have on your website!


Such an awesome giveaway! What prudent momma doesn't need a Brother to help her along? I'm just a dabbling seamstress, but after watching my own mom spin magic for years from her sewing machine, I'm aspiring to greater things with our first little one on the way. Baby playthings and cute little outfits, anyone? 🙂


oh, I want to win this SO bad for my MOM! She's retiring this summer and her machine is close to 40 yrs old. The zig zag stitch is a JOKE on her machine. She would absolutely LOVE this! I can't wait to find out details on how to win.


I would love to win this cause my sweet 2 year old just pulled my sewing machine off the table and it slammed on the floor!! Not to mention this one's better than the one I had!!


I received a Brother Sewing and Embroidery machine for Christmas and I love it! Before receiving it I have never had the opportunity to sew before. Growing up that was the one thing I wanted my mom to teach me and here I am at 33 and finally she is giving me those lessons! So far I have made a tunic and a pair of pajama pants. I look forward to the day that I actually have scraps to work with!

Gaia Windwalker

I am a great-grandmother and I want so badly o win this so I can make quilts for my grandchildren and my great-granddaughter (I have 2 more on the way). My old Singer died on me several years ago so I bought a used Brothers that turned out to be bad. Lost that money. My fingers are crossed.


Thank you for this great opportunity!!! I just submitted my entry, yeah! I have decided that today is the day to start my daughter on some hand sewing… pray we make it!

Design By Bain

What a great contest. I just subscribed, will you be sending this info out again on how to submit an entry?


What an amazing sewing machine! I have an old sewing machine that doesn't even work anymore and I'd have a party if I got this one!


oh my goodness!!!!! this is amazing..I was looking at your wonderful tutorial on how to make bias tape and then to the left I happened to see sewing machine giveaways…I was thinking "NO WAY!" I checked the date to make sure it wasn't an expired contest (that happens sometimes and then my hopes are dashed)…this is amazing…a chance to win a sewing machine and then also a chance to win fabric!! woohoo 😀


I just love contests! This would be great to win, then I could donate my old machine to the women's shelter. Thanks for hosting this great contest and thanks to brother for the donations! Good luck everyone!


These are beautiful Sewing Machines, and I'd love to own either one of them! I have never had an electronic one – only a basic stitch machine. The electronic ones would give me so many options for all my sewing projects.



Signed up for the News letter,got my pot holder pattern,ready to sew,oh yes i guess my entry will be last,but cannot resist the fabulous giveaway..

prudent baby+Brother+Kokka fabric= Super


Gabi Cooper

Is this contest still going? These machines look amazing! I really like that 2nd one. I don't even have one, and would really love to have either one of them! Thanks for this!!


ces machines sont superbes! elles sont un rêve pour toutes les couturières expérimentées ou débutantes elles donneraient envie de coudre à celles qui ne cousent pas.Avec ces machines coudre deviens facile et les plus récalcitrantes des femmes qui n’aime pas coudre n’auront qu’une envie “se lancer “dans la couture et devenir “accro”.
Et oui je rêve ! J’aimerai tellement créer un groupe de couture près de chez moi, et ces machines seraient le début d’une belle aventure.
comment s’inscrire ? j’espère que pour une fois le concours est ouvert aux françaises! Il ni y a jamais de concours chez nous!
Bonne chance à toutes. Domi


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