Giveaway: AJ’s Collection Custom Multiple Charm Necklace!

What a sweet little treasure we are giving away today from AJs Collection: The Multiple Charm Necklace. The pendants are made of 5/8 inch, 22-gauge sterling silver discs and hand-stamped with the names of your choice. The charms are then brushed and hand-polished for a shiny, yet organic look. The cable chain is also sterling silver. This necklace can be customized with up to three of your kiddo’s names, and will be a treat you adore!

Designer Anna has spent roughly an equal amount of time growing up in South Korea, Paraguay and of course, here in America. She holds a bachelors degree in accounting and worked most of her life as a boring tax accountant for a large banking institution. Her sister-in-law took up jewelry making as a hobby a few years ago and introduced her…ever since then, she’s been hooked and crafting away. Lucky us!

So for this giveaway, since Anna has been all over the world, we ask you to take a look at AJ’s Collection, then come back and tell us your fave piece, then also tell us what your fantasy vacation destination would be if it weren’t for these pesky kids. My fave is the Three Peas in A Pod Necklace pictured above (wouldn’t that be perfect for Jacinda??) and I have always wanted to go to Iceland. They have hot springs in a glacier! And the world’s biggest (only?) penis museum. I didn’t make that up, google it.

Leave your comment anytime between now and midnight next Wednesday January 19th. We will randomly select a winner (with a US address) and announce next week. Tweet, stumble, and/or share the giveaway on facebook and leave another comment each time letting us know for an additional entry. Come back every day for new entries. Good luck!




I have two favorite jewelry pieces, 3 peas in a pod just tickles my fancy and I loved Cirque du Amore. Fantasy vacation? Scotland if I was going far far away, closer to home? Old Sturbridge Village/Williamsburg. Oh how fun!

Disco Lemonade

I love the open heart sterling silver necklace! It's just so adorable and delicate looking.

As for a trip, I'd love to visit Peru. Our church sponsors an orphanage there and I'd love to go and visit with the kids!

Alison F.

The vintage love 3 tag necklace is my fav! I love the rustic look in jewelry! As for a perfect vacation we'd love to visit Scandinavia someday. The country side is beautiful and the history is amazing!! Plus my husband likes to think he was a viking in a past life ;o) Silly Boys!


I DO like the multiple charm necklace that is the giveaway piece of jewelry. Since I have "multiples" it works quite well. It would most likely be THE go-to piece of jewelry I would wear. As for the perfect vacation, I am having a bit of it now. I am alone, kiddos at Nana's house, Workout completed, laundry done, and computer in my lap for some "Mommy Time" looking at fabric, perusing my favorite Blogs, and catching up with my emails to my precious friends. Tea anyone?

Angela Newsom-Hoye

I really love the multiple charm birthstone and name necklace. Granted all of my children's name being with "S". This would work for my 3 children: July, November, July (the Julys are for the twins). There birthstones together has not looked good on the various items I've seen, but this is awesome. So, I been looking for jewelry that would show their birth order. The November child is the oldest. This is way awesome than the typical family ring. I love when items are different and/or unique.

The Thomsons

I would have to choose the Mother's 4 love charm bracelet…. mostly because I am hoping that in another year my husband will feel inclined to have just one more (in hopes of a girl!).

If I could go anywhere on vacation…I'd probably pick somewhere in the mountains where I can ski all day and then drink warm cocoa or another beverage of my choosing while relaxing in a hot tub with my husband! Sounds like a great vacation to me!


Cute – I would choose the cirque du amore.
For a trip I've always wanted to visit Sweden and Ireland, that where my great grandparents are from.


I love the Ultimate Love You to the Moon and Back necklace. We say that to our girl every night, although now she wants us to say "I love you to Disneyland and back."
For a fantasy vacation, I should want to go to Europe to visit our family village on the Swiss/Italian border, but that sounds too energetic. I'd really rather go to a gorgeous beach – doesn't matter which beach as long as it includes a cabana boy to deliver delicious coctails and someone to rub my feet


i absolutely love the "I love you to the moon and back".
my vacation destination? somewhere tropical like the bahamas…..


I just found your blog and I love it! I love the Date to Remember Charm necklace and also the Guess Who Loves Me necklace. My dream vacation destination would be an African Safari.


Cirque du Amore is my FAVORITE!!!
It's classy yet dressy or casual and it highlights each child with their own colored stone!
My ultimate vacation destination would be ALASKA! The more I see of it on TV the more I want to go experience it myself.


The Little Birdie necklace is my favorite. I love it, I don't know any lullabys so my daughters, Lennon and Presley sing Elton John and Bob Marley. 3 Little birds being our bed time favorite. They are my little birds.

I have always always wanted to hug a redwood in the Northwest. And sleep in a treehouse.


I love the streling name print…simple and perfect! My dream vacation (I have several so it was hard to choose) would be to go to Paris to visit one of my all time BFFs. Our friendship spans the course of 20 years and three countries. We've made memories together in Texas, Tennessee, and Bolivia and now its my turn to go to Paris to where she currently lives so we can make memories there.


I love the All my family pendent. Finally a necklace that looks great for a large family. 5 kidos with mom and dads name would look great. I do believe that I would love to go to Ireland.

Melissa Mickelson

I really love the vintage 3 charms necklace! My two kids and my hubby 🙂
I think my ultimate vacation would be somewhere sunny and warm! I live in a place where it rains for most of the year 🙁


I love AJ's jewelry! The ULTIMATE I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK NECKLACE is my fave. My almost 2 year old and I say that to each other every day 🙂

My dream vacation would be to New Zealand. I'd love to rent a winnie and take my time taking in that beautiful country! Besides, who wouldn't want to visit a country where there's a kid named 'Number 16 Bus Shelter' running around.


My favorite is the Three Peas in a Pod. Perfect for representing my 3 little ones : )

Vacation without kids?! Disney World. Yep. Without kids : )


I love the Lucky Three because my three favorite people live in the same house as I . I would love to go Ireland and Scotland because that is where my family is from.


Ah! Last day to enter!! Fingers crossed as I type (that's really hard, by the way). I still really love that copper guitar pick. My husband would love that for a 2nd anniversary gift this May. 🙂

And on our anniversary, I would love for him to take me on an Alaskan cruise. I'm not one for swimsuits, so a cold-weather cruise would be sweet. 🙂


I love the Peas in a Pod as well! And there are so many places I'd like to go, but Norway would be at the top of my list. I've been before, but I want to bring my kids!


Beautiful pieces! I would love to have any of them, but may favorites are: Cirque du Amore, Love You to the Moon & Back, and New Mommy. A piece with combined elements from each of these would do very well: circle washer with names on one side and Love You to the moon & back printed on the other, individual jewel charms adorning it, footprints charm hanging from center of washer hole. Alternatively: circle washer with names, individual jewel charms adorning it, love you to the moon & back circle charm hanging from center of washer hole with footprints stamped on its backside. (just some thoughts) ;o)


I love the open heart sterling silver necklace, it's so lovely.

And my dream vacation is anywhere that involves an unlimited fabric budget to get exotic fabrics!


I love the Date to Remember Charm Necklace.
I've never been to NYC and I'd love to go with my husband (who's been there several times and knows the ropes).


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