GIVEAWAY: Matryoshka Measuring Cups!

The people in my life know me so well – I got THREE sets of these for Christmas and Hanukkah! I love them so much, I thought I’d share the bounty by hosting a little giveaway.

These Matryoshka Measuring Cups by Fred M include a 3-layer matryoshka, with each side of each doll a different perfect measure to create 6 measuring cups between 1/4 cup and 1 full cup.

They’re so cute, you know you want them. As you know, I like to complain about my dislike of baking, but I have seriously been coming up with random things to bake just as an excuse to use them. And of course, Scarlet loves playing with them.

So for this giveaway, tell us what you would like to measure if only you could. I would like to know, if you laid it all out, the yardage of fabric scraps I have tossed. I would also like to know the weight of ruined cookie dough I have thrown away. However, I do not want to know the weight of cookies I have eaten since Thanksgiving.

Leave your comment anytime between now and midnight next Wednesday January 12th. We will randomly select a winner (with a US address) and announce next week. Tweet, stumble, and/or share the giveaway on facebook and leave another comment each time letting us know for an additional entry. Come back every day for new entries. Happy measuring!



The Bagley Family

My daughter would LOVE those! She is 2 years old but my little cooking buddy. She has taught me that pink cooking tools are always better, cute makes the job ten times more fun and those dolls would bring a squeal of delight to our cooking!

auntie wee

Oh, these are wonderful! I'd be interested in measuring how much hair i've cut in my lifetime or how much energy is created with a smile. Thanks!

The Reluctant Craftster

My 18 month-olds favorite Christmas ornaments to remove from the tree and lose were the nesting nutcrackers. I'm sure as a fervent and devoted kitchen drawer raider she would love to get her hands on these. Maybe we could have joint custody over them, I'd get them on weekends for baking, and she'd get them for playdough during the week.


I would love to measure how much expired food I throw away after finding it in my father in law's freezer, fridge and pantry each time I check. I am sure, that if it were still 2003, we could effectively feed all of France. 🙂 It's ok though, he says it's still good.


Perfect! I would measure the amount of dog + cat fur "lovingly" stuck to me each day. Actually, probably don't want to know…


These are adorable. I don't really want to know the answer, but I am curious about the weight of all the food we waste (sincerely working on this!).


I'd like to know how many miles of writing I've done by hand if you stretched it all out into one long line.


I would LOVE to measure all the sewing thread my son has tangled up so bad with his adventures into my sewing basket that I've had to toss over the last 2 years!


I love these! I think it would be hard to keep them away from my four-year-old daughter though. She already loves the real nesting dolls I got as a gift from a friend who went to visit Russia many years ago.
I would love to measure all the hair I've cut off in my life. Would be interesting to me anyway!


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