Giveaway: Little Wellies!

OOoooooo the Little Wellies shop is so cute!  It’s full of custom adorable dresses, blankets, and onesies.  And guess what?  We’re giving one super sweet item away to a lucky Prudent Baby reader.  The winner of this giveaway can choose one item, either a Lemon Olivia Dress

…or a Baby Minky Blanket.

How will you ever choose?? Find out how to enter after the jump (and snag a discount code!)…

Here’s what you need to do to enter this giveaway. Head on over to the Little Wellies and scope out the awesome collection. Then come back here and tell us your fave item. Also tell us two things you have a hard time choosing between. For example, I love the Bubble Swirl Dress, and every night I eat a popsicle before bed (weird I know) and I always stand there for 5 minutes debating if I want an orange one or a purple one. And then the end of the box nears and there’s only icky green ones left. Too much info? ANYHOO…

Leave your comment anytime between now and midnight next Tuesday February 15th. We will randomly select a winner and announce next week. Tweet, stumble, and/or share the giveaway on facebook and leave another comment each time letting us know for an additional entry. Come back every day for new entries. Good luck making up your mind!

ALSO, Little Wellies is offering Prudent Baby readers a 15% discount, just use code LOVEFANS at checkout!




My fave off the site is probably the bridgett twirl skirt. I love the way patchwork skirts look. I'm in my second trimester and in the middle of the night, I wake up hungry, but I'm also soo tired that I just want to roll over and go back to sleep. So I have a hard time deciding weather to get up and eat something, or try to get some more sleep. Usually I end up eating, cause the baby starts kicking me when he gets hungry. πŸ™‚


Hmmm… Today I can't decide whether to curl up with a good book, or watch the Grammy's. Or maybe Desperate Housewives. I'm a little ashamed to admit I'm addicted to them.


I LOVE theCabo wabo Sophia dress and the Lollipop skirt. I have a hard time choosing between going to be earlier or surfing the web for sewing tutes once the kids are asleep.


I love the floral rose minkie and the cabo wabo Sophie Dress.
AND…. I just ate about ten chocolate kisses!!!! ;)Can't think of anything else at the moment that is REALLY interesting!!!! ha!!! πŸ˜›

Sewing Nutter

The bonehead minky blanket is my favorite of them all. It's so cute but different! Two things I have a hard time deciding between is which Joann's store to go to. They are both an hour away but in different directions! I have to try to decide which one will have the better clearance fabric πŸ™‚

Nicole S

We LOVE the Lollipop Skirt, and I also love the idea of the glass photo jewelery. Super cute & makes me want to get out the resin. I wish it was warmer so those dresses were more feasible right now, they are all so cute!

Edra 'Langford' Chamberlin

I love the Lemmon Oliva dress adn the lolipop skirt, I have two girls how will only wear skirts or dresses. Actually we use pants for a consequence!! Works great. Back to the poijnt. I would pick the Patchwork,it is just to die for

Will & Greta

Oh. My. Goodness!! everything is so super cute! I'm especially in love with the cat in the hat blankie, though. We're expecting our first in May, and cannot wait to meet him/her! As an English teacher, I'm a bit partial to anything literary (esp. Dr. Seuss). Thanks!!


I love the oopsie daisy olivia dress its so darling!
Being pregnant I have a hard time deciding all the time but lately I have a hard time deciding between having something sweet or salty to eat…. But I always end up deciding on having both πŸ˜€ why not?! Im preggo!


Today I'm trying to decide whether or not to go crazy on all the Valentines Day treats that are leftover from yesterday…


I love the Vintage Skulls Olivia dress.

I'm an indecisive person naturally so I have a hard time choosing anything! But my hardest would be between the cake I made my husband for Valentine's Day or strawberries.. they both sound so good!


my favorite thing is the lollipop skirts! so sweet!

and i have a hard time choosing between sewing or baking. i should choose sewing more often.


I LOVE the Ava Hummingbird Dress! So cute for my 2 year old daughter. πŸ™‚
I have the hardest time choosing between another diet mt. dew or a bottle of water…. πŸ™‚ the mt dew usually wins! πŸ˜›

Jenny Cloud

I love the Dia de Muertos blanket, I love, love, love minky fabric so that's probably why, plus the really cool fabric that compliments it. I couldn't help but keep looking at the oopsie daisy olivia dress, but sadly I don't have a girl yet to dress up… hopefully in June, we're waiting until he/she arrives before finding out:)


i think the lemon olivia dress IS my favorite…

i have a hard time deciding which of the several things i want to do during my baby's naptime πŸ™‚


Today I am trying to decide whether to enjoy the last of our spring-like weather for a while, or keep my sick baby indoors and miss out on our brief warm spell. I think I will compromise with at quick trip to the market- just enough outside time to satisfy my sunshine need, and hopefully not long enough to worsen my baby's condition. Plus, we have to have diapers. I think we might run out if we don't go today!

the one the call momma

Oooooh I love the Lemon Lucy Dress, but equally love the Lemon Olivia Dress!
I obviously have a hard time choosing between anything. sheesh.
One thing I consistently have a hard time choosing between is fabric, mostly because I want them all πŸ˜‰


Favorite: bridgett twirl skirt. I tried to click on the fabrics to pick my favorite, but the link wasn't working. Guess I'll have to visit the site again (and again… and again…) πŸ™‚


Definatly love the Vintage Skull Olivia Dress and the Little Ruffle Tee. I could not decide on one!!

I have a hard time deciding on what to get to eat when we go out to dinner, especially for dessert!!
I also have a hard time deciding whether or not to hit SNOOZE on the weekend when my alarm is going off!!


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