Need your Advice!

We moved the girls into a shared bedroom this past weekend. It’s going ok. They fall asleep eventually, and isn’t that half the fun of sharing a room with your sister… chatting and getting into a little mischief?
But enough of the parenting business, let’s move on to more important things like fabric and decorating!

The bedroom already has gorgeous DIY (Thanks awesome MIL!) ceiling to floor curtains in Jessica Jones Amusement Park, Fireworks  and the walls are a light peachy pink. Now I want to make some bedding. Not everything matchy-matchy but maybe some fitted sheets and a few throw pillows. These girlies already LOVE their pillows. So that’s where I need your help. What fabric(s) should we add to the room?

Here are a few that I like. What do you think? Maybe too coordinated? Any other suggestions?

Alexander Henry Fulham Road Blue Bell Tonal Pink

Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush (Quilt Cotton) Maybe Tangerine

Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush (Quilt Cotton) Shattered Punch

Jay McCarroll Habitat, Birch Pink

Joel Dewberry Nap Sack Berry

Kate Spain Central Park, Children Zoo Ivory

Riley Blake Sweet Nothings, Sweet Dots Multi

Help me pick from these or any other pretty prints by leaving a comment and you could win my fat-quarter of Michael Miller Bonehead!



Asher Seveland

i vote Alexander henry for sheets and something graphic like the napsack berry for pillows. if that's too crazy maybe striped pillows to keep it graphic, but a little more regimented. i like stripes as a kind of masculine foil to girly stuff. then you could later add a solid blanket with a cute trim. can't wait to see what you choose!


I think it would be fun if the girls had an input on which one they liked- if you havent asked them, maybe they would like input on what they would like. They may be young but they will still be able to pick out what they want.
I also think it would be cute to color coordinate but not have the same exact pattern/colors for both beds- you could interweave them- mix and match the girls beds in their coordinating fabric choices??


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