The Craft Room Redesign Project: The Recovered Chair!


I told you all about the Craft Room Redesign Project, then I asked for your advice on my thrifty finds that I’ve been scooping up from goodwill, thrift stores, ebay, craigslist, and also this chair I found abandoned on the side of the road. I thought about recovering it myself, but it looked like a pretty daunting project and many of y’all were being hardcore enablers in the comments – telling me I saved so much by thrifting all this stuff that I could splurge and get it recovered professionally. Well, that’s what I did.

Check out the “after” pictures after the jump…

The Craft Room Redesign Project: The New Chair!



I went with Anna Maria Horner Velveteen for an extra cozy texture and appearance that I think will just get better with age. Specifically I chose Woodcut in Crimson because I thought the rusty red would be a nice fit with the yellow carpet and yet-to-be-revealed wall color, while also not being so busy that I could never use it in another room if we were to move one day.

I shopped around, finding quotes ranging from $600 to the one I went with: $350, plus free tax, pick up, and delivery from A First Impression. Note to all you potential upholstery purchasers: it’s all negotiable. And also FYI it’s easier to take a pic of your “before” item and email it around for quotes than to drive around with a chair in your trunk (I learned the hard way). After opening up the chair and peeling away the digusto vinyl cover, they discovered it really needed new foam, so I sprang for it for an extra $40. I had the fabric already, so all in all it cost me $390. Not cheap. But I love it. And it goes with the $44 ebayed brass table I repainted and shared with you earlier today.

I thought about doing contrast piping, but looking at the finished chair, I think I’m glad that I didn’t. What do you think?

If you want to learn how to make piping or welt cord for your own upholstery projects visit these posts: How to Sew Piping and How to Make Double Welt Cord.

Look at the seat!


See how beautifully the pattern lines up? That’s quality upholstery.

And I didn’t have to deal with this mess…


I tossed the Sham Pillow with Zipper Closure on there, but perhaps it is too busy. No worries, I have lots of fabric to make pillows with, and this pillow will probably look nice on the couch. They asked for 6 yards to recover the chair, but I have a yard of fabric leftover to play with. Nice.

Soooooo, What do you think?!



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