Silhouette Does Rhinestones: Get Ready to Sparkle!

Clare insisted on wearing this one skirt for the second day in a row yesterday. I know a lot of kids have favorite outfits but we haven’t run into this yet. I asked her why she liked that skirt and she looked at me like I was an idiot. “It has sparkles (over-sized pink sequins) and a big fwower (flower applique.)” And suddenly I realized that I would have no problem coming up with a project to try out my new Silhouette rhinestones. The problem might be deciding what NOT to decorate with rhinestones. Ok, so maybe not the back pockets of my jeans or a trucker cap, but other than that…

So of course I’m working on a little something to show you, but in the meantime, I don’t want you to miss out on this sweet offer from Silhouette:…

  • A Silhouette SD 
  • The Rhinestone starter kit
  • 3 additional packs of rhinestones
  • And 1 Pick Me Up tool

ALL FOR $229!

This Rhinestone Bundle includes:

  • The Silhouette SD
  • 2 sheets of rhinestone template material
  • 2 sheets of rhinestone transfer tape
  • 2 rhinestone backing boards
  • 1 rhinestone placement brush
  • 1 CD of rhinestone images
  • 1 pack of clear 10ss rhinestones
  • 1 pack of clear 16ss rhinestones
  • 1 pack of clear 20ss rhinestones
  • 1 pack of pink 10ss rhinestone
  • & 1 Pick-Me-Up tool!

This is an incredible deal worth $125 in savings!

To make the leap into Silhouette Paradise,
1. click here to find the Rhinestone Bundle
2. click “add to cart”
3. Enter our unique promotional code “prudent
4. check out! and do a little dance because you are going to love it so!

If you already have a Silhouette (lucky!) all rhinestone products are currently 30% off!
This promotion will run from April 21st-April 26th.

And just a thought, you might want to grab fabric interfacing while your there, and temporary tattoos, and heat transfer material and vinyl. Sigh, Silhouette is so awesome.

Are you thinking… what? How does a cutting machine do Rhinestones? Well, Conrad from Silhouette has created this awesome video to show us how. He has also inspired us to finally create a tag for “Men who Craft.” We love men who craft, especially with rhinestones.




Wow!! That is one of the coolest things ever!! I can't decide if I like the cool brush better or the "Pick Me Up" magic wand (okay, so maybe it's just a pen…). I think rhinestones may be a future addition to my Silhouette!!


I love my Silhouette! I haven't tried the rhinstones yet, but I love making fabric appliques, unique photo mattes, and freezer paper stencils. I've only had it a month and I've already worn out both cutting mats!


I believe I will only be watching men crafters' videos from now on. Not only educational, but entertaining too!


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