This week we have an Art Caddy Tote PDF Sewing Pattern from Gingercake to give away! Wouldn’t this make a cute Easter Basket for the crafty kid?

Go ahead and leave your usual hilarious, sweet, and silly comments all week long, and we’ll let you know the winner right here next Friday!

Read on to find out who won last week’s Kokka fat quarter!

The winner of the gorg Kokka cotton fat quarter from Jaime’s Fabricworm stash is:

Julia who said on Random Thoughts on Party Food..
My mom would have probably pretended that she thought it was juice, but would have known all along she was downing margaritas.

Sounds like some moms that we know! Ladies, you’re busted! HA!

Julia, go ahead and use the Prudent Baby Contact Form to send us your address. Winners have five days to contact us before forfeiting their prize to another lucky reader.




I need this pattern in my life! My 3 year old is quite the Picasso and this would give her a really cool place to store all of her supplies!!
Also, I'm a kindergarten teacher and my 21 students would love this! I'm imagining that each table would have one for art time and it would keep the mess to a minimal and everyone at the table would be able to find what they need..without the usual fussing and fighting! 😉


Oh my crafty 5 year old would love one of these! I would love it for her to keep everything organized!

rwheelerii (at) hotmail (dot) com


Can't think of anything clever to say, so I'll just do what my 5 month old does and scream, because I want this pattern. AHHHHHHHH! Can you hear me? Maybe if I scream LOUDER!!!! Always works in our house… 🙂


With 5 artist daughters, this would be a dream come true for them. They could take all of their stuff with us wherever we go.


My 3 yr old daughter E LOVES art of any kind… and loves to have her own bags, carrying her stuff herself. She wants to be a mommy and so is always copying whatever I'm doing around the house.


This is adorable! And might keep my six year old artist organized. He was stressing the other day about not knowing what he wants to be when he grows up (at 6!).

In fact, the other day my 3 year old hurt himself and was crying. When the 6 year old tried to help him, he was rebuffed. Undeterred, he patted my 3 year old and said, "You should let me help. I may be a doctor someday."

Not sure I should push artist over doctor, but an artistic doctor never hurt anyone, right?


Oh me oh my! So cute! This would be so much fun to make for my sweet girl. Now I just need to get myself a sewing machine! 😉 (and win the contest, of course!)

laura b.

I would love my daughter to learn the art of digging through a bag to find things at a young age. Although this one looks pretty organized it may not be good practice. What a cute pattern.


Love, love, love it!!! Look at all the pockets!!!! So many options!!! I've got to have this!!! I hope I win!!! My daughter's already have art bags, but since I make hair bows and other hair accessories they could sooo use one of these for in the bathroom!!!


What an awesome gift idea for so many people. I could use it as a school bag for me or the kids, organize my kids crafts and or any other craft. It would be a great lunch bag too. Especially good when travelling in the car or long distance.
We need this to cheer us up. In one week our house has had pneumonia, tonsilitis and strepthroat.


I love the pattern, but I've got to say, crayons always trigger a flashback for me. I flashback to my 3 year old self who decided to help mommy paint the living room with my crayons while she was sleeping.
My new sister in law is an elementary school teacher, and I'd love to make this for her! Ta Ta For Now


I love that pattern! I loved art as a kid and still do! I started out with coloring, moved to canvas painting, and now have added watercolors and sewing into my mix. I hope my girl loves arts and crafts as she gets older and would love to make this for her so we can take our art supplies to the beach (or other art inspiring locations) and draw or paint.


I love this pattern! I just found this website last week! Started making Snack bags today and embriodering them with my Janome…. I love it. All these crafts will make time fly untill the hubbys deployment is over!!!!!!!


I'm thinking this art caddy would be great for poppy but if you used oilcloth l wonder if it would be a great addition in the veggie patch to hold my gardening tools, sketchbook, seeds and gloves. Hmmmm, such ideas. It's a great looking bag. Xx


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