The Thrifter’s Revenge

Last April I went to Canton for the first time and happened upon a booth filled with the most gorgeous vintage table cloths. They were all bright white, ironed and folded, hanging in a row. I gasped for air, brushed my fingertips along the edges and promised to come back later as it was one of the first booths we had visited. But then when I went back it was nowhere to be found. Like a DREAM!

I went back in the Fall and looked again. No luck. But this past weekend we went again and there it was right in front of me! In that instant I decided to spend every last penny in my pocket on vintage table clothes. I mean, I might never see them again!

Am I crazy? What should I do with them? Since none of them actually fit my table. HA!

Give me guidance oh Prudent Mamas and you might win a LOVELY child’s chair from Belle & Blue!




AHH! i have some of these too and don't know what to do. Can you compile everyone's suggestions?

as for my ideas, i thought i might add a border around them to make them fit the table. now i just layer them on the table to cover it all, but it's not ideal.


I'm not sure what I would do with these either, except hoard them in all of their fabulousness. Actually, I might use one to line a sleek spring jacket. I love a drab coat with a surprise inside. You have the luxury of many choices…I'm jealous.


I think it's high time somebody wore a tablecloth around here. If anybody could pull it off it's one of you ladies. 😉

So-Sew Me

I am so jealous. I live in Texas and haven't ever been to Canton, I may just have to grab my Mom and Sisters and make the trip.


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