The Craft Room Redesign Project: Hidden Workstation



The Craft Room Redesign Project is in full swing, thanks to all of your great advice. I’ve installed new flooring all by myself, thrifted some furniture, repainted a brass table, and upholstered a chair I found on the street. But the eyesore of my crazy workstation overflowing with supplies was making it feel more like a garage and less like a room. So here is my solution.

What do you think? Is it weird, or do you think it works? Is there a corner of your house you might try to turn into your own workstation? Let us know in the comments and you could win that Kokka fat quarter. Check out more pics of the Hidden Workstation after the jump…

Work mode. Sewing Machine and tools all readily available:

Going, going…


I’m gonna teach you how to make pleated drapes later today, you’ll be SHOCKED by how easy it actually is. Curious to know if you think this meets my objective of cleaning up the visual space, or if it seems a bit fussy and obtrusive? And yes, I know at some point I might have to actually still organize those shelves.

That would probably be the best plan.




I think it great! This could also be used to create more closet space in a room by adding hanging rods have shelving.

I have a large laundry room that’s been transitioning into a craftroom/office for a while now. All my laundry appliances & linen/storage cabinets are on one wall and I’d like to hide them. What kind of ceiling track did you use for the curtains?


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