Quinn’s Animal Birthday Party

This weekend we celebrated Miss Quinn Frances’ 2nd Birthday – Animal Style! I couldn’t commit to “circus” or “jungle” so it just ended up as a mash-up of the elements I liked most from each. There was also a little hand-made, a little store-bought and a few things I just had lying around the house. Quinn was only concerned that there be monkeys and elephants. Check!

Over the next week or so I’ll be posting a few DIY’s and the sources for all the party goodies. If you have any thoughts or questions, leave a comment! It could win you an oliver + s pattern from fabricworm!

Read on to see more photos …



Beth @ Sand To Pearl

My mom got me one of those balloon animal kits a long time ago, they are super addicting. But at our IHOP there is a guy who comes on kids night and does balloon animals, my daughter asked for a Unicorn.My husband and I totally cracked up, but the guy tried, his first attempt, well, he tried to leave room for the horn, and it ended up looking… a little risque, but the second time he nailed it. Someday, after many years of balloon making I might be able to do it, or I'll just forget it and sew something…


Oh my! I love it! I have been aiming to decorate my sons room but can't decide between jungle/circus/forest! So I can relate to the jungle/circus dilemma.

Alex Quinn 82

That polka dot orange balloon is definitely an eye catcher for me! The cake with the name banner, the digging in the "dirt", and the birthday party favors are all very unique and gave the party a personalized touch to it. This is inspiring me to plan a safari themed party for my kids in the fall. Thanks!


LOVE THIS THEME!!! I was soooooo hoping for DIY info since my daughter turns 2 on Friday and LOVES animals! I will be using some of your ideas! What is the sand pail thing? Was it a game for the kids to dig and search for animals? Cute idea! She also has a BAZILLION stuffed animals, and I think they will all be adorned with party hats in her honor for the event. 🙂


Hi Heidi-
I just buried a bunch of animals in the sand and they could use the sifters to discover them. I told them they could keep one but mostly they just wanted to toss back and find again. So simple and fun!

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may I know where did you buy the polka dot yellow balloon…???soo cute…I tried to buy for my daughters birthday I did not find the right size all are pretty big


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