SILHOUETTE Heat Transfer Promotion & a mini contest!

I love this pillow that I made using Silhouette heat transfer material and I want to add the same fun matryoshka graphic to t-shirts for the girls.
It would be a super cute design on its own but I can’t help but add a fun saying. Well, except that I can’t come up with something really good. How about “It’s what’s on the inside that counts” or “Stop Russian Me” HA! Ok I’m pretty funny. Whatcha got for me? The best line for my matryoshka t-shirts will win a matryoshka heat transfer with the winning saying all ready to iron on! You can pick from white, hot pink and turquoise. I know, it’s no Silhouette Machine. You have to buy that on your own. Luckily we have a sweet deal for you this month with this Silhouette heat transfer bundle

Silhouette heat transfer bundle includes:

  • Silhouette SD
    • Silhouette SD Electronic Cutting Tool
    • 2 cutting mats
    • 1 blade with 3 adjustment caps
    • $10 download card
    • Silhouette Studio software (Mac and PC)
    • USB cable
    • Getting Started With Silhouette guide
  • 3 feet flocked white heat transfer
  • 3 feet smooth dark pink heat transfer
  • 3 feet smooth teal heat transfer

All for $219 (a savings of over $125!)
Simply add the Silhouette heat transfer bundle to your cart and use the promo code “prudent” at checkout for this great discount.
Valid from May 17th-May 25th. 

If you already have a Silhouette,  get 25% off of all heat transfer material with promo code “prudent.”

Ok, I’m ready to be dazzled by your brilliance… AMUSE ME!




Maybe something like "Cute on the outside, complicated on the inside"? I thought something about layers…the nesting comment is adorable. That was a maternity shirt I would wear. 🙂


"release the dolls!"
"birds and mommies nest… we're snuggling"
"the smallest one told us to do it!"
"there's no one like me…except us"

I really like your "stop russian me" one. I actually laughed out loud. 🙂

Sweet Simplicity

I like the idea of actually doing this as an embroidery pattern to frame with it saying I love my nest, i grew up all over the world so it would really fit in with all my other stuff from europe/asia. (oooooo idea to submit for your contest!) or even just putting the word matryoshka (which is the russian way of saying it) would be cute.


Inclined to agree with a previous poster that adding anything more to it, especially with patterned fabric, would just be a bit too much. They're super cute. Having said that, in trying to think of something different 'More than just a pretty face' came to mind.


I like something like "I know I'm cute on the outside, but you should see what's on the inside" Too wordy? I like it!


There are two old Russian proverbs/sayings that I thought might fit:

Away from the eye – closer to the heart.

May the angels fly with you.

Such a cute idea! Can't wait to see how it turns out!


I'll give it a try, but everyone has said some really cute things. I'm not too good at this but how about,
"At least I'm not empty",
"Nestled with love",
"Bound by my beauty",


These are adorable!

"Don't Russia Me" Kind of a piggyback off "Stop Russian Me."

"Count Me In."

"Privyet" Which means hi.


Super cute!not sure if you are still doing this contest or not but I thought I'd give it a try 🙂
"There's plenty of me to go around"
"Attached at the hip" for best friend shirts??


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