It’s Frrrrrriday!! Fabric Friiiiiiday!! Don’t know what that is? Sounds good though, right? The Friday afternoon mini-contest formerly known as Friday{Surprise}Prize will now be Fabric Friday! 

When we were in Salt Lake City, we met with Cynthia from Fabricworm and had a little impromptu brainstorming session (see, we did work) and Fabric Friday was born. Our favorite comment on any post during the upcoming week will now win a YARD of fabric from fabricworm.

This week it’s a yard of Laurie Wisbrun Pooches and Pickups, Pickup Trucks / Spring.
Sooo cute for boy-ness or perhaps for Father’s Day? Clare just looked over my shoulder and requested a truck skirt. How cute would that be? See the entire Pooches and Pickups Collection.

Keep the comments coming! It’s lonely here at Prudent Baby when we don’t hear from the Prudent Mamas!




I would love to make matching shirts for my husband and grandson (who absolutely adores his 'Pappy') from this fabric. It is AWESOME.


I love Laurie's fabrics. I have this one in red and am in the process of making my grandson a backpack from it.


Love it! Reminds me of my hubby's pick up and our puppy Sam. plus I have 3 little boys this would make something great for!

Discovering Me

Oh how adorable! My little brother is only 7 months old and he needs some rompers for the summer. This fabric would be perfect!
Harmon's already a truck fan… Even if that only means that he tries to chew on his Tonka toys. πŸ™‚


My daughter requested a quilt for her 3 year old. I would love to start with this for my grandson!!! So cute!
Evin5 at aol dot com

Some Bryant Happiness!

I love it! It looks like my husbands 1972 ford pick up truck that he paid $400 for at a yard sale, and after 5 years, still runs great! My 2 yr old son looked at the fabric picture and said, "Dere's Daddy's truck!" .

Gina B.

I love this fabric. I just started sewing and have made my daughter about 10 skirts, but I have yet to sew anything for her little brother. Poor guy! This fabric is just the inspiration I need!


Love to make pillow case out of this for my little noodle-head. That is the new nickname for my almost 2 year old. He decided to stick mac n cheese noodles up his nose last week.


Cute fabric. Reminds me of the time we tried to let our dog ride in the back of the truck. He jumped out while moving. He wasn't hurt, now he rides in a crate in the back of the truck. Poor hubby wanted a dog that would ride nicely in the back of a truck…we don't have that dog, ours is too spunky.


Like Erin, my crazy dogs would like jump out of my truck! But with this lovely fabric I could have a back-of-the-truck riding dog too πŸ™‚


My grandma's neighbor had a truck with pick up and everytime he used it, my granny's dog up the truck .
Love it!

Moncada Family

When my hubby and I were first married we drove a red truck like the one in the fabric. We call it Dirty Red and yes we still own it! I was still driving Dirty Red when I had my son. Those are some of my favorite memories. I now drive a Volvo, its not as magical πŸ˜‰


That fabric reminds me of my childhood – in the summertime, we would go to the lake to go fishing or camping and the dog would be in the back of the truck!


This fabric is so super cute! As a mommy to twin boys, I am especially loving it. I can't wait to make up some cute things for my boys and lil' girl (due in OCTOBER!)


Oh man this one will be a rough fight in my household. I have a sweet little 2 year old girl in long pigtails who is really tiny and BEATS UP HER BIG BROTHER FOR TRUCKS!!!!


That fabric is SO ADORABLE! My son would flip! He's always complaining that I don't have enough boy fabric. That is ADORABLE! I want it so bad!


Thanks for the generous giveaway!
Lovely fabrics!!!!
I would like to have that for myself…
I hope I am the lucky one..^^

Angie Tolley

My girlfriends 1 1/2 year old son just broke his leg. He was doing his superman impression by jumping off the coffee table. I thought it gave her a heart attack the first time he jumped, I can only imagine her reaction this last time. I get most of my ideas and crafty inspirations from her, but this time I beat her to it. Upon seeing his cast I told her all she needed was some modge podge and some sweet truck fabric (this pooches and pickups would be perfect) and he'd have the most original and awesome cast ever!!!


That is a great pattern for both boys and girls… even for a pet! With one yard I might make a caddy for their resting Wii remotes… for some reason, they just can't seem to keep track of those things!! Thanks!


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