GIVEAWAY: Mastering Shadow Work Embroidery

Check out this lovely book that we have to give away! Mastering Shadow Work Embroidery with Wendy Poch Schoen provides an excellent education in shadow work and classic embroidery.

Her style is so timeless. Look at these detailed color illustrations.

Getting some sweet ideas for the “Use Your Words” contest?

Find out how to enter and see more from inside the book below.

When I first saw the book I thought, this technique would be perfect for baptismal gown, so imagine my delight when I went to Wendy’s site and saw all the baptismal gown patterns she has for sale! Has anyone else had trouble tacking one down? Well, here they are!

There’s also a full-size pattern for these super sweet dress and over-all short.

…featuring wonderful illustrated instructions.

And there is a companion machine embroidery collection (sold separately) or buy both together and save 20%.

So how do you enter? Leave a comment here between now and Tuesday May 31st. Tell us what you would adorn using this technique. A hankie? A sweet baby dress? Light airy curtains for the kitchen? Gain extra entries by sharing on stumble-upon, twitter and facebook & leave a separate comment for each. Come back each day to enter! Must have a US address to enter.



anything with a needle

outfits for my new twin grandbabies… a girl and a boy. Of course, I would also have to do outfits (collars) for their older sisters. Pillow cases would be a treat! And my mother would love a hankie!! The ideas just keep coming!!!!! Marsha


What would I adorn? What wouldn't I adorn. My daughter is pregnant with her first child after several years of trying so boy or girl I will be adorning everything. We are both in love with the idea of making things to last for generations so I can't go wrong with shadow embroidery. I fell in love with shadow work the first time I saw it and want to do an entire bedroom set with it. My granddaughter is 5 and goes though my Sew Beautiful magazine to pick out the dresses and things she wants me to make for her and her dolls and I can't wait to make matching outfits with shadow work. and last but not least, I want a table cloth and place mats and everything for a nice tea party. I have been planning a dress up tea party (hats required) for a while and this would make the pictures perfect and set the tone for the whole affair. Well a girl can dream. Here's hoping!


What a wonderful give away. If I won I would most likely use to decorate small pillows for the beds of my daughter and her room mates to liven up their post college place !

jaya pratheesh

lovely book, wonderful ideas from the comments.. I will mainly use it for making delicate clothes for newborns and babies … for gifts… for easter dresses for my 3 girls… for tablecloths, pretty tabletoppers, heorloom pillowcases,etc.

thanks for the wonderful giveaway!


My great grandmother use to hand embroider pillowcases, hankies, kitchen towels,… I have a few of her things I greatly cherish. She is the one who has inspired me to learn how to embroider. I want to use the shadow embroidery on all of those same things she did and on a dress for daughter as well as the flowers and butterflies decoration for her room.


OH heavens. I have been saying for YEARS that I want to start collecting some embroidery instruction books. I love to embroider, but only know a few stitches.

My favorite things to stitch are dish towels… but I would LOVE to try this technique out on some sweet little Sunday dresses for my baby girl. My mom used to embroider on the collars and hems of heirloom dresses for my sisters and I when we were little (just like this!). I so want to dress my little lady with the same timeless class.


I would love to win this to make a dress for my niece. I don't think my son would go for the embroidered romper – too rough and tumble, lol.


I used to have shadow embroidery on my dresses when I was small.My aunt stitched it for me.She is old now and so I guess would love to do it for my daughter if I win… 🙂


iI would use it to embroider the quilt for my daughter i am almost finished with. I've made it all from her receiving blankets. Embroidery would be a nice touch. Ohh and lots and lots of t shirts and tanks for their summer wardrobe. I love jazzing up store bought things to make them more unique.


I have a wonderful daughter that turns 12 next week whose hand embroidery work is amazing. I would give this to her for her birthday.


adorable! I've been wanting to learn embroidery for a long time now and it's even on my to do list for summer! Such pretty patterns in this book too! I want to embroider the border edge of my daughters 1st birthday dress that I'm sewing


I would do a project that involved my older daughter. She enjoys sewing, crafting, scrapbooking, and knitting as much as I do! It would be fun for both of us to get involved in hand embroidery!


Just found your blog by browsing on Pinterest. I'll be back to visit in the future!
I would love to have this book and I would make as many projects out of it as possible. I do love the little dog shadow embroidery. It was featured in the latest Sew Beautiful magazine.

Lynn S

I am so excited about this book! I have my first grandchild–a little girl–and I would love to make a little dress with this technique. I've never done shadow embroidery–so the book would really be a wonderful resource!


Just beautiful! I would make a little bonnet – baby bonnets are my most favorite item to make for a baby gift! I LOVE shadow work!


This would be wonderful!! I'm getting ready to make some curtains for my cousin's nursery, and I would love to embroider some super cute butterflies on them to match the theme! :o)


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