Giveaway: Mrs. Jones Soapbox Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning Kit!

Who says cleaning has to be such a drag? Get rid of all those toxic cleaning products crowding the cabinet under your sink and go green! When this collection of Mrs Jones Soapbox appeared on our doorstep, we were over the moon at the yummy smell and chemical-free formulation, and just as happy with the awesome cleaning power (and the cute packaging is an added bonus).

Here’s what creator Jamie has to say about her line: I created Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox because I wanted to make a genuine contribution to the environmental movement. I was dismayed by all the greenwashing out there, particularly when it came to cleaning products and so I created a line that is truly eco-friendly and safe to use. I use vegetable-based soaps, natural minerals and essential oils to create the products and package them in bottles that are designed to re-filled or re-used. Refills are packaged in recycled water bottles, two liter bottles and gallon jugs that I collect from people in my community. Best of all the products look beautiful and smell great so it actually makes cleaning fun!

Well we are giving away a complete set of lovely Mrs Jones Soapbox cleaning products. This combo pack includes the entire Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox line so you can simplify your cleaning routine and make your home a healthier house to live in. You’ll receive the 5 household cleaning products plus a jar of laundry detergent that will last you through 80 loads of laundry. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even look forward to cleaning now…

So, we are so excited to be giving away an entire Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning Kit + Laundry Detergent/Fabric Softener Combo., a $60 prize that includes all of the following:
Clean – all-purpose disinfecting spray
Sparkle – glass, granite, mirrors & stainless steel cleaner
Shine – wood & furniture polish
Scrub – soft scrub cleaner
Soapy – concentrated, all-purpose dilutable
Laundry Detergent + Fabric Softener combo for 80 loads of laundry

And you know what is really cool? You can choose between glass or plastic bottles (both 16 ounces each) for the cleaning bottles in this listing. Find out how to enter after the jump…

Mrs. Jones Soapbox Giveaway

How to Enter
Leave a comment here between now and Tuesday, June 7th. Check out the Mrs. Jones Soapbox shop and tell us which product has you excited. Invent a magical cleaning product that smells delicious, looks pretty, and solves some sort of cleaning dillema. I am intrigued by the Soft Cleaning Scrub (it feels so gentle, yet cleans so powerfully, I know, I’ve tried it!) and I would like a lavender scented spray that magically arranges my jewelry. Or perhaps a geranium-infused powder that makes beds with a simple sprinkle. Gain extra entries by sharing on stumble-upon, twitter and facebook & leaving a separate comment for each. Come back each day to enter! Prizes can only ship to a US address.

Mmm, doesn’t it look so yummy?

Good Luck!




I'm interested in trying all these products, even if I don't win I'm totally going to purchase some! I would love a vanilla scented spray that clean my kids room for me! lol

Mame Voelker

The all purpose disinfecting spray looks amazing and I would love a basil and cilantro flavored spray that magically gets rid of all of my yellow lab's hair left around the house! I love Butters, but would like him a lot more if I didn't have to sweep and swiffer twice a day.


I'm excited about the Soft Cleaning Scrub! I would love a spray that smells like cookies and organizes my basement. And what the heck, it actually bakes cookies too. Might as well dream big! πŸ™‚


I love all of these products! I entered a drawing to win them before and didn't. πŸ™ However, Soapbox inspired me to actually check labels and to start using stuff I have at home like vinegar and Borax to clean instead of harsh chemicals. I love that she has a glass bottle option and that the refills come in recyclable containers like coffee bags.

As for the invention… I would like a spray that worked like the fairy godmother's wand only cleaned my house, did laundry and put away dishes. Even if it only lasted til midnight. I would just spray every day.


These products look awesome – I've used Shaklee and would love to try these out. I would invent a citrus scented spray that cleans the floor with out mopping!


I'm excited about the laundry soap!!

As for my invention… how about a gardenia-scented cleanser that I can sprinkle on the grout in between my tiles and have them turn sparkly white again! (with out any scrubbing on my part;)

Karissa Jade Ferguson

I want to win this so bad! I've been wanting to go green in the cleaning area and I've heard great things about Mrs. Jones Soapbox! Thanks for the giveaway:) oh and I would love a clean linen scent that cleans my bathroom for me! I hate bathroomy germs big time!


I am excited about the soft scrub cleaner… for every possible surface in my home that my 4 week old has projectile-vomited on (about every 2 seconds) since the day we brought him home.
Did I mention his 2 year-old brother did the same thing? Even our dogs have been targets at some point or another…
If I could invent a magical cleaning supply, it would be a spray that could be applied to Baby's clothes (or anyone's, for that matter) directly after a spit-up episode. It would instantly clean and dry the affected area, eliminating the need for 500 bibs and burp clothes on-hand and constant wardrobe changes!


laundry soap in lavender! If I had a magical cleaner, I'd say I want a spray that cleans my kitchen! (and/or mops my floors!)


I am trying to wait to see if I win before I go ahead and order some myself! I think the soapy is my next in line… anything that can clean my toilet with all ingredients I can pronounce πŸ™‚ I also am in need of a lavendar vanilla lotion that I can apply to my 3 year old baby girl to keep her from growing up πŸ™


I would love to try the laundry detergent. Since my 3yo and I have super sensitive skin I never try new detergents and I have been wanting to try an Eco-friendly one.

I would love a cilantro lime spray that magically makes my kids cooperative whenever I ask them to clean up or go to bed or anything that they usually fight me on πŸ˜‰

Moncada Family

People are trippin over this cause I put it on Stumble-Upon! πŸ™‚ I am crackin' myself up today!) I will admit that I had a Vampiro (Mexican mixed drink w/tequila!) tonight at my inlaws! πŸ™‚


I am intrigued by the Cleaner. having three dogs who sometimes have accidents in the house, i def would love a spray that is smells good for the house and around our newborn.

I would invent a fresh linen spray that magically organizes everything for me from my laundry in the closet to my paperwork in my filing cabinets!


I am excited about Laundry Soap / Fabric Softener – All-in-one. I would like to have invented bathroom spray that you spray in the room close the door and everything is cleaned and disinfected in 5 mins.


Thank you for spot lighting this Etsy shop. It's now marked as a favorite so I can return to it. I love green natural products, especially those personally made with care. I'm interested to try the laundry detergent and fabric soften in one. I've been using a coconut based natural detergent for years now but I've love to have another option just for a change in scent. It'd be nice to win this but I'm now a new fan!


So cute! I am also a Mrs. Jones and I make my household cleaners at home, but they have never been cute! I would love to have these!


Oh the clean smellin' stuffs! I would create a fresh car smellin' automatic problem solver. Spray a little on math homework? It's done, and even better…wait for it folks, my son magically knows the leaps and bounds of algebra! Spray it on honey's socks? Automatic pay raises and he lives to take out the garbage. Spray my sink, the dishes wash, dry, and put themselves away. Spray it on the animals, potty training and flushing–done.


I want to try the Clean spray. The bottle is so pretty! My ideal product would feed all 3 kids and clean up the mess!


I'd also love to try the Clean spray. I'm also in the market for a lavender-scented product that makes my kids sleep through the night πŸ™‚


I would love any of these products honestly! I especially love the laundry detergent/softener in the glass bottle. So pretty!


i would love a product that i could spray in my son's nursery and in the car that didn't have a nasty, nauseating lingering scent, and also something that could get the odd, old-popcorn smell out of his room!


I would love a lavender-scented all-purpose cleaner that magically prevents the cat hair from leaving the cats. So some sort of lavender-scented glue I guess? I like the idea of the Soapy-All-Purpose cleaner. I'd like a cleaning person to use it, but as that job is currently filled by me, that's what I'd like to try!


I would love a spray that did all of my laundry and put it away, with a smell that was clean and fresh! I'm not sure what, though. I'm sure my husband wouldn't like to smell like cherry blossoms like I would!


How bout something to freshen furniture! For the men leather scented πŸ™‚ I like a fresh spring scent!


I'm really intrigued by the Soft Cleaning Scrub! My pots and pans, stove top and sink are begging for this stuff! My Magical Product would be called "VaVaVacuum Powder" it would smell of fresh laundry with a hint of wild honeysuckle and all you would have to do is sprinkle it on carpet, hardwoods, or tile floors and they would magically be free of dust, dog hair, "accidents" caused by children, dogs and the occasional husband! They would sparkle!


I must try the Sparkle Spray on my granite counters!! I would love an almond scented spray that would magically clean and shine all my hardwood floors!


The laundry detergent looks AWESOME! I'm allergic to most detergents, so I'd love to have a good-smelling one that didn't make me break out πŸ™‚ And I LOVE that the products can come in glass bottles!

I wish there was a fresh linen-scented bathroom cleaner that scrubbed the tub and toilet by itself!


I can't wait to try the laundry detergent with as many loads of laundry I do! I wish there was a lavender scented product that would magically scrub out the poop stains from my infant's clothes when his diaper blows out.


I would love to try the Clean Spray, if only to display the gorgeous bottle. Hopefully it will fulfill my product dream and clean my house without my help!

Naomi O'Leary

Ohh i am liking that soft scrub!
i'd want a jasmine spray that would make all cat hair on an item instantly clump into one easily removable ball!


I'm excited about the laundry detergent!

And if someone could please invent a lemon-verbena mist that could do the ironing, mop the floors, and make up the bunk beds (all my most dreaded chores), I would really appreciate it.


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