GIVEAWAY: Make Stuff Together: 24 Simple Projects to Create as a Family

Make Stuff Together: 24 Simple Projects to Create as a Family is a new book full of wonderful and unique family craft projects. Now that Clare is a little older, we have started “crafting” together and it’s great bonding time for us. I can’t wait to try out some of the ideas in this book!

Co-Author Kathie Sever says: Make Stuff Together is a book about crafting with your kids; not craft projects for kids to do, not craft projects you make for your kids… but about crafting WITH your kids as a means of connecting with them. And with an emphasis put on mindfulness- mindfully choosing your materials (all materials in the book are upcycled, but we also talk about using new materials sparingly and lovingly), mindfully choosing your projects (finding projects with longevity and meaning and usage), and mindful projects (projects that advocate slowing down and connecting once the crafting together part is done)… and all while, keeping things real, and messy, and kind of geeky and fun.

The projects are divided into six units: dinner time, library time, into the woods, fun and games, happy birthday to you!, and commemorate and celebrate. The projects in each unit are parceled into easy-to-manage segments that help you share quality time with your family without finding yourself overwhelmed.

Sounds perfect! Of course we have a copy to give away to a Prudent Baby reader… Leave a comment here between now and Monday, July 4th. Tell us your favorite co-crafting memory. Maybe it’s with your mom, grandmother or Uncle Bart. Maybe it was with your niece. Coming from a crafty family, I have a bunch but my favorite memory has to be decorating Pysanky with my mom and grandmother. Leave a new comment every day. Share the giveaway on Facebook, twitter, or stumble-upon and leave a new comment for each.

About the Authors: Bernadette Noll and Kathie Sever have been teaching classes and building projects together as Future Craft Collective for several years and are excited to see their book finally make its way into the world. Bernadette can also be found at Slow Family LIving and Kathie at her company, Ramonster. You can also find them on Facebook.




I am a Girl Scout leader, and my girls made appliqued burpcloths from "Craft Hope" to donate. They loved learning to sew, and I loved watching them!


My favorite co-crafting memory is scrapbooking with my sister. We once spent a couple of days making a scrapbook for my grandmother's funeral. It was so nice to go through all those memories, learning about some people that I don't remember (I'm much younger than my sisters, and the youngest grandchild by about 8 years, so I don't know all of my cousins) and putting together something that has been so healing for our family. Best project ever.


My favorite memory is the last project that my grandmother and I made together, my jr prom dress. She was in a car accident later that year that broke her hands so badly that she could never create things again.

I am now teaching my 5 yr old how to sew like my grandmother taught me.


My favorite crafting memory is what I used to call "turning to crochet" when I was bored. And my mom embroidering several of my drawings. I can't wait to do that with some of my daughter's pictures!

Sippy Cup Central Mom

I love when you can pass down a tradition that your great-grandmother taught your mother, and now I"m teaching my kids. It's a special treat when you keep that family thread connected. Karen
Sippy Cup Central


Crafting is an awesome activity for my 3 year old twin boys. I've learned that if you can keep their hands busy, things get very quiet. Times are hard, so maybe we can have a family crafty "STAYCATION" here at the house! At 3, I love to watch their awesome, hilarious, imaginations working.

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