GIVEAWAY: More Knitting in the Sun

Knitting is not just for cozy mittens and afghans! Check out these lovely summer frocks from More Knitting in the Sun that knitters can needle up while laying by the lake (because that happens with kiddos, right?)

Mmmmmmm, I want that vest for G. Am I going to have to take up knitting? Maybe. It’s that cute. How about the winner has to make it for me as a “thank you.” Just kidding!!!

See more adorable pics from the book and learn how to enter…

Not a creepy Christmas sweater to be found!

Excellent detailed instructions and color diagrams make this book very approachable!

This book would make an excellent gift for the knitter in your life, if you catch my drift.

Wouldn’t this be cute with different color yarn for the layers?

A cotton knit beach cover-up. LOVE!

So cute, right? Want to win it? Leave a comment here between now and Thursday, June 23rd at midnight. Tell us about a favorite knit item or “knitted” memory. Here’s mine: For my senior picture in high school, my mom BEGGED me to wear a solid color sweater rather than the design-y, leather patched, Bill Cosby craziness I was prone to. I reluctantly agreed. Great advice mom! Too bad I wouldn’t listed regarding “the bangs.” So share something funny, something sweet regarding something knit.

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The Happy Homeschooler

My favorite knitting memory was when I first learned to knit as a kid I only learned how to purl. It wasn't until my first child was born that I taught myself to knit. So everything up until then was all garter stitch.

Erquiaga Family

I have some fingerless gloves that one of my besties knitted for me. Every time I wear them I think of her and how much her friendship means!


What a great book! I'd love to win.
My favorite knit item would have to be my socks. I only wear one sock to bed (aptly named "bed sock") so when I first started knitting I thought it was great that I could try lots of different patterns and didn't have to knit both of the pair! Now I have some cosy single bed socks that help keep one foot warm while leaving one foot free to stick out of the covers for some cool air if need be 🙂


When I was 15 I made my first knit – a pair of baby booties – had no idea what "guage" was and they would have fit my dad! lol thanks for the giveaway1


My favorite knit are some booties that I made for my twin boys last year. They are super tiny! We were really lucky to make it to 37 weeks, and those booties only fit on the boys for about two weeks after they were born. Every now and then I pull out the booties and tear up remembering how small and sweet my boys were. Ok, they are still sweet boys, but now they are loud, fast one year olds, too! (The little guys probably need a Charlie vest for fall.)


We have a knit sweater that is true 80s knitting craziness. It is an acrylic, intarsia replicate of a sweater my mom had growing up. My mom loved it so much that my nana knit her a copy of it for me. It's olive green with black and white sheep jumping over a fence. Because it was a zip-up acrylic cardigan, I wore it, my sister wore it, my brother wore it, my cousin Heather wore it, and her THREE BROTHERS wore it. The Christmas after my daughter turned one, I opened up a box from my aunt, and there was The Lamb Sweater. It's now been through my daughter and handed down to my nephew. To anyone outside the family, it maybe be a crazy sweater, but to us, it's The Lamb Sweater – guaranteed to make every mom in the family tear up.

(I plan to make a duplicate in wool with buttons for the next family baby.)


My grandmother used to knit baby blankets for all the great grandchildren and the great great grandchildren. Many years ago she had tried to teach me how to knit and I didn't do too bad, but she moved away and the companionship we shared faded away…..flashforward 21 years! While sitting with my grandmother during her recovery from a surgery I realized that we wouldn't have many more years left with her. I asked her to reteach me. I picked it up with gusto and spent time with her every 4-6 weeks (I lived on the opposite side of the state) for the last 2 yrs of her life. They will be some of the most precious memories I have of her. And I hope one day to pass the soothing, relaxing hobby onto my grandchildren!

Heidi's Nest

My favorite thing to knit is little baby booties but my favorite "knitting" memory was a few years ago teaching my office mates to loom knit scarves. I was loom knitting a lot of scarves for Christmas gifts and they saw me work on it each day at lunch and a week later a lot of them went out and bought loom knit kits and I thought them to loom knit scarves and hats for their loved ones too.


I love to knit. I have four girls so you can imagine how much knitting they require. I go to a knit night every Monday and it keeps me from going insane. This book looks amazing! I would love to have it for my collection.

Sharon (mama to Adam)

This is just the inspiration that I need to keep me motivated in learning how to knit. I am a slow learner and now that it is summer I haven't felt the desire to keep trying, but summer knits who would have thought?!


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