This IS the fabric you are looking for! I know some little guys (and girls!) out there need a yard of this Rashida Coleman-Hale I Heart, Cute Bots. Leave comments on any and all posts this week, we will pick our fave next Friday and announce the winner right here.

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 Anna Maria Horner Lou Lou Thi, Summer Totem Tart from Fabricworm goes to:

Sarah said…

My favorite crafting memories always happened with my father. He was so creative and I thank him every day for passing that on to me. We spent a lot of time as kids with my dad making our Halloween costumes. Dad was definitely not a believer in buying costumes. The most fond memory I have of this was a large stuffed bunny find at a thrift store. We cut it up and sewed the pieces into a suit and top hat. The bunny was big enough that it’s head fit over my head. We cut the face out and painted the bunny features on my face. Sadly, I entered a contest and did not win. I definitely should have but they thought we bought the costume. Yes, it looked that good. It was awesome. I love my dad and I love all the endless crafting memories I have with him!

A dad who crafts! How rad is that!

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I love this fabric! i just started to make clothes for my son and i love robots (i dont think he cares what he wears yet…) and i have been trying to find something similar to this. Its super cute and perfect for what im looking to make! I also like it because im saving most of his clothes and making a quilt for him and this also matched what i have so far!


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