One of my most favorite Etsy shops is Baby Jives. I’ve been a long-time fan of her gorgeous handcrafted mobiles. Aren’t they each a work of art? I have one of her clouds in Gordon’s nursery and now one of you will too! We are giving away the Dreamy Rainbow Mobile! I love how it will work in a boy’s or girl’s room but is sophisticated enough to last beyond the baby years. Here are some of the other mobiles that artist Jahje Ives has on her site…

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To enter for the chance to win, leave a comment here. Tell us a rainbow memory (double rainbow!)
I had one of those rainbow posters in my room growing up. The one that was shaped like an actual rainbow arch? I LOVED it so much. I also remember my dad giving me a prism and looking at EVERYTHING through it. I’m loving rainbows right now, you? Anyway, what’s your rainbow story?

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Driving to California, the sky was very dark behind us and a double rainbow ahead that touched the ground on each side. It was amazing!


Rainbow memory: I purchased rainbow stripes Baby Legs for my first daughter and I loved watching her little legs get chubbier and chubbier. Now they are on my third little girl and I'm enjoying watching the stretch as her legs get chubbier and chubbier!

Linda Meyers-Gabbard aka Ladyblueeyez1960

I'm old!!! About 30 years ago the at womens church group I belonged to we exchanged gifts on birthdays and Christmas as Secret Pals. My secret pal gave me a bunch of stuff with rainbows designs. I received an ashtray (have quite smoking since then 4/28/05), a set if 3 refrigerator magnets, a bath towel, a hand towel and a few other things I can't remember what.

I still have the ashtray it's used for earrings now. Two of The refrigerator magnets have survived (4 moves and 6 refrigerators). The hand towel and other stuff are long gone.

The towel? I still have the towel. It has seen a lot of useage. In fact it just got washed yesterday. It has held up much better than it's owner over the years. I think of Pam my secret pal when it gets used.

I'd love to win the mobil for my baby brother and sister in law. They are expecting their first child in December. The towel will be 31 then.


My favorite rainbow memory is driving home in the rain from my fertility doctor's office. I was in tears because I was pregnant, but tests had shown some bloodflow problems. As I drove out of the rainstorm, I saw a huge double rainbow across the sky, and I remember wishing on it that everything would be okay. I think the double rainbow was an omen, because we now have happy, healthy one-year old twin boys!


haha remember Punky Brewster & her sidekick Glomer? My brother & sister told me I could find glomer if i went to the end of the rainbow. I hiked halfway across the farm, which resulted in a stern talk from my parents and no Glomer.


I remember once, when I was a child, standing in the sprinklers and seeing a full circle rainbow. It went all the way around me and was lovely. Recently we had huge double rainbow here in San Diego. Lots of people posted photos of it on facebook. =D


We had yet another rainbow last night! I just wish it meant cooler weather. All it really means is that it just rained and added yet MORE humidity to the air to make our 90+ temps miserable.

Linda Meyers-Gabbard aka Ladyblueeyez1960

Daily entry Rainbow Memory #2

Back in the 80's I worked for a large bank. I don't remember what year it was but they were having a 125th year Annaversary Celebration. They held a decoration contest for each Branch. We went with a rainbow theme. We mad rainbows and hung them from the ceiling. We painted rainbows on all the windows. We had rainbows everywhere. Alas we did not win.

Julie L

I'd love to win this for my baby #4, Hugo, he's one month old today! It would be nice to have something so cheerful to look at!

Ashley Suzanne

I like the Jimmy Dean commercial where the rainbow is so blue so she eats a biscuit and then her color returns and the little leppie comes out and puts his gold by her :]

ashleysbookshelf at gmail dot com


Growing up my mom used to give each kiddo a piece of candy when we spotted a rainbow. Needless to say after a rainy day we were seen running around the yard seeing who could spot one first!


my favourite rainbow memory was "chasing rainbows" in our old truck on our way to go camping as a kid. the sky was always beautiful!


When I was much younger, I took ballet. For our recital, we danced to "The Rainbow Connection" holding a big (cardboard?) rainbow, it had handles on each side. I'll never forget that prop….and the song is still one of my favorite Muppet songs! Thanks for the giveaway.


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