Since the elephants were such a hit last week, let’s try more! This time it’s Parade Day Pink from Violet Craft Peacock Lane. I love the wallpaper-inspired designs in this entire collection. To win a yard of this beauty, tell us about your first wallpaper memory. Here’s mine: My mom rescued a wallpaper sample book for me and we decorated and redecorated the walls of my doll house for years in over-sized 70’s flocked fanciness. HEAVEN!

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emily @morefromthemoorefamily said…
My favorite thing was going to the children’s museum with my little guys- to see their faces light up when they are learning is the best thing about motherhood.

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When we moved into our house, every room had pink wallpaper. (In fact, the whole house was pink ex: carpeting, counters, etc.)I am Very good at using a steamer to remove walpaper.


Mine was peeling off little sections in my room that had the boy of the week I liked written all over it. Yes I liked a boy a week 🙂

Natural Mama

My first wallpaper memory dates of when I was six and moved to our new house. My room was decorated with this bubbly off white wallpaper, and I would spend hours finding faces and animal shapes in the bubbles of the wallpaper. Loved that room!


Growing up in a classic Pasadena Craftsman, we had wallpaper in the kitchen, living room, den, everywhere but the bedrooms. It wasnt ugly, it was floral and striped. I loved that house when I was growing up and I'm sure the wallpaper added to it. 🙂


My first wallpaper experience was at my Grandmother's house, who had very 70's (and very peeling) wallpaper. My parents were helping her tear down the wallpaper and paint the walls. I remember it being such a shame, because the wallpaper was so cool to me as a kid!


My first wallpaper memorys are of the black background, green and yellow frogs in my grandparents guest bath: they were googly eyed and there was gold leaf. It seemed so sophistocated and whimsical. I remember loving to sit in there and stare at them.


My first wallpaper memory was of my grandma's bathroom. I was awestruck by the velvety blue wall covering. I had to touch it every time I went in there, which is slightly horrifying to think of now!


My Grandmother had blue and white striped(toothpaste looking)wallpaper in her den. But the accent roses that trickled down the wallpaper made it princess or carousel like for me. Now the paper is gone and I no longer have the urge to brush my teeth when I'm in that room. 🙂


My first wallpaper memory was 'helping' to remove GOBS of the most hideous paper you've ever seen when my grandparents purchased a new home. It wasn't just on every single wall – it was on the ceiling too!


I don't remember having wallpaper in our house growing up, but your memory reminded me that my Fisher Price house that my grandpa made for me had wallpapered walls – recycled from samples. It also had recycled carpeting from samples

Levi's Mommy

I remember my sister and I picking out strips of wallpaper trim from a scrap bin to go in our rooms. We had them for about a year before we finally put them up. I got tropical fish, and my sister had ballerina bears!

Lucy @ Charm About You

My mum let me pick the wallpaper for our dining area – bad idea – it was the eighties!! I chose some vile red, black and white zig zag wallpaper that I thought was really cool. I seriously DO NOT know what she or I were thinking!! 🙂

Alicia for Isabelle

Haha. My first wallpaper experience was when I was 19 and in the first place of my own. I couldn't figure it out to save my life! Let's just say, before I knew it I found myself on the ground tangled in sticky paper, with a ladder at my feet. I never did get that silly paper on the wall!


My first wallpaper memory was when we actually moved into a house after leaving in apartments my whole life. The house had this wall paper that was brown and it was grainy, and looked like straw. I had to help my mom take it all off and it smelt just as bad.


My first wallpaper memory is at my grandparents house. Much of their house was wallpapered, and the guest bedroom that was "my" room on weekends over had a big rose print plastered on the walls. I remember laying in bed (which was positioned against one wall) and tracing the roses before I went to bed.


My parents bought a house when I was ten that had wallpaper that felt like BURLAP. If you fell against the wall you got a serious burn on your skin.
LauraL444 at yahoo dot com

Kimberly F

My first wallpaper memory is a life lesson in determination, taught by my mom. She was trying to strip the ugly old kitchen wallpaper off in our new house, and she'd rented a steamer or something, but strips of it were refusing to budge. Day after day when I came home from school she'd be on a ladder in the kitchen peeling wallpaper off inch by inch until she finally did it and transformed our kitchen into something bright and gorgeous.


I only have 2.. One is from when I was way little and my parents wallpapered my brothers room at our summer house in a horrible floral (floral? For a boy? really?) and the roof leaked so it stained…
My most recent experience with wallpaper came when I moved into my flat.. I always hang my clothes to dry on the radiator so it dries quicker. By doing that I accidentally steamed off the strips that were behind it! I kinda ripped them off and exposed the concrete walls and parts of the other 8(!!!) layers of wallpaper and paint underneath. When it came to actually dealing with it (we re-painted the living room) I didn't want to buy/rent a steamer and the idea of chemicals freaked me out, so I totally MacGyverred it and used a super wet washcloth along with my iron to steam off all the layers of wallpaper and paint! It worked brilliantly!


When I was around 10, I decided I didn't like the 1970s wallpaper border in our laundry/mud room. Without telling my parents, I started to strip it off, but of course couldn't get very far. I had probably taken about 1/5 of it off (poorly) before my parents had to step in and finish off a project that they didn't even want to start. The room sorely needed a makeover, though, so I think it all worked out fine in the end…


When I was little my parents wallpapered the dining room with wood-grained strips of wallpaper. It made the dining room look very rustic and was really fun!



We did not have wallpaper, but I did have to grow up with those crazy woodgrain panels on my walls – how '70s!


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