Vroom! Vroom! Baby on the move! We are loving this Cross Town from Alexander Henry.
To enter to win a yard of this adorable fabric, tell us about your first car. Mine was a white TC3 Miser which was basically a suped-up Plymouth Horizon. One of my dad’s friends hit it with a snow plow in our driveway and punctured a gaping hole in the door. My dad didn’t ask him to fix it because he was so nice to plow our driveway! I covered the hole with a 92 PRO FM bumper sticker. If you, like my BF Cindy, had a brand new cherry red Pontiac Grand Am, I’m going to be so jealous.

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Amber said…
The next hot animal will be… crocodiles!

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Good luck everyone!




My first car was a Honda Civic that my parents helped me buy. It was pretty nice until the bumper got torn off in a parking lot and I put it back on with zip ties and duct tape. It stayed that way until I sold it like 6 years later. Classy.

Alicia for Isabelle

Omg- you would ask about my first car! Well, to be on the super safe side, my father gave me his old 1982 Lincoln Town Car, white. My friends nicknamed it "The Tank". Let's just say it was certainly like a tank, made it over many a terrain and through alot of teen trouble! It even saved my life a couple times before it finally keeled out! Ahh… i can still smell those leather seats!


Mine was my dad's old black Ford Thunderbird, shared with my older sister until my parents gave up on trying to force her to share with me and I got my mom's old Taurus. πŸ™‚


My first car was a 93 Caddilac, called the "crappy caddy" it was tore up, and almost as old as me. It had no radio, no a/c, no heater and the leather seats were all cracked up. That's just the inside, the side panels on the doors fell off, and one of the blinker/brake lights was completely turned into the trunk from me backing into a tree, and I got 12 mpg. It got me to and from school, and I could fit 7 to 8 people in there for carpool. Surprisingly, even with a car in such bad shape, everyone wanted it and I always got offers from people to buy it. I loved that car, and if it hadn't broke down, I'd probably still be driving it today.


Oh Goodness..mine was a black Isuzu Rodeo that when trucks would whiz by on the interstate it would feel like it might blow over. The frame on that thing so thin but man was it awesome to have my own car in high school πŸ™‚


My first car was a blue Toyota Celica (can't remember the year, but it was definitely not new!). I totaled it after only 3 weeks. Woops!


My First car was a dark blue 10yr old Honda Civic. Nothing had power and the A/C didn't work. And in FL, it hits 110F in the summer easily. I upgraded to a GTI Volkswagon once I had a real job and the car went to my younger sister. Funny enough tho, she gave it back to me when the entire exhaust system fell out from under the car while she was driving down the road πŸ™‚ Now my husband uses it to commute to work. Can't beat 35mi/gal.

Liz Schiefen

My 1st car was an '89 Chevy Corsica, it was a great car until one day when I got back to school from lunch and I pulled the turned the key to shut it off and it stayed running. From then on out I had to start the car and shut it off with a screw driver underneath the steering column. Eventually my blinker switch wouldn't work either and I had to manually 'blink' them. I was in high school though and it was fun having a 'beater' car that we could laugh at.


My first car was a 89 Toyota Celica. It was a stick shift and I killed the clutch learning how to drive it. It was a great car.


My first car was a silver 1997 Honda Accord… stick shift! A decade later, it is still going strong. I will probably cry whenever we get rid of it (hopefully not anytime soon)!


Mine was a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle which cost $1000. Mum drove me to buy it, it died after 6 weeks on the road and then she spent the next 5 years telling me I should have bought a better car! I do remember though, the first time I beat a semi-trailer off at the lights – it was a proud moment. Oh, and the most people you could get in it was 14.


First car was an '84 BMW 7 series, stick shift! I absolutely LOVED that car and still miss it to this day! Wow, that fabric is so stinkin adorable, my mind is already spinning with ideas of what I could do with it πŸ™‚

Brandon and Jenny

My first car: a wine colored 1996 Ford Mustang hatchback with a spoiler. Beautiful. I promptly got in a wreck (not my fault) and had to get a Saturn after that. πŸ™


My first car was a 89 Dogde Shadow (I had never even heard of that. I shared it with my twin sister. Also, I must mention this was my senior year in highschool in 2002. We had to have the oldest ugliest car in the school parking lot, but just glad to have a car. It was white and covered in mold. I thought with a good wash it'd come off, even used the heck out of some bleach…yeah no, still was covered in mold…LOL! Also, we had to put power steering fluid in it every morning before school, and if we went out at night it had to have more put in. Also, a quart of oil every day, or every other day. It also was like a frozen ice cube during the winter. Covered in ice and defrost took about an hour to melt the frost…we did a lot of scrapping needless to say. We made the car our own as best we could with red steering wheel cover and red flowered seat covers. Boy it was a horrible looking car, but we sure did a apperciate our parents paying the whooping 1000$ for it πŸ™‚ I think it lasted us about 4 months…LOL!

Sheridan Gilio

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