Vroom! Vroom! Baby on the move! We are loving this Cross Town from Alexander Henry.
To enter to win a yard of this adorable fabric, tell us about your first car. Mine was a white TC3 Miser which was basically a suped-up Plymouth Horizon. One of my dad’s friends hit it with a snow plow in our driveway and punctured a gaping hole in the door. My dad didn’t ask him to fix it because he was so nice to plow our driveway! I covered the hole with a 92 PRO FM bumper sticker. If you, like my BF Cindy, had a brand new cherry red Pontiac Grand Am, I’m going to be so jealous.

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The next hot animal will be… crocodiles!

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Oooooo my first car was a 1990 ice blue chevy Corsica which I had for several years until my little sister totaled it when she borrowed it to run to the store for our parents, she was fine but my car was not and then both of us didn't have a car for a little while. I love this cute fabric it Is darling I have lots of boys and this would find a fun home !!!!!

Kristen McD

A maroon Mazda 626. 96, I think? It was bought at an auction by my uncle, and I inherited it a little later. I liked it well enough, but it had issues. Leaky transmission, the alternator wouldn't charge the battery so I had to jump start it EVERY TIME. But it did what I needed it to, mostly.


I had to buy a car just like my Dad's, it was a rather noisy burnt orange VW Beetle Superbug. One day when it was raining I put a plastic bag under the grills on the back, (to protect the engine?)and totally forgot it. Amazingly, it kept working and later discovered a huge plastic log on top of the engine and it took me a while to work out just what it was???!!!!


I had a red dance stick shift man I loved that car, high school graduation gift from my parents yes the sun roof leaked and yes stick shift on back country roads were a pain but I still feel bad getting rid of that car

Not So Baby

My first car was a 1989 Mercury Sable. It was a strange color…a kind of golden brown, maybe like Tiger's Eye? My friends and I jokingly referred to it as the "poop mobile," even though it was not really that color.


A 94 white Chrysler LeBaron! You know the song "Short Skirt, Long Jacket" by Cake? The car gets a shoutout in that song; I spent a good deal of high school cruising around with that song blasting out of my car. =)


A Honda accord- 92 I think. I shared it with both my siblings during college. My brother then drove it til it literally fell to pieces.


I inherited the family "bug truck"..yes my parents own an extermination company and when they decided to get a new company vehicle they passed down the purple bug truck with logo and mom's name painted on the door. oh and my dad had put a louder exhaust on …not sure why but assume to embarass me even more by drawing more stares! Oh I love my parents! Atleast I had wheels I guess….


When I was 16 I saw a minty green 1955 ford gathering parking tickets and left a note on the windshield offering to buy it for $200. It worked. I reupholstered it with a glue gun and spent the next 2 years getting up early to dry the spark plugs with a hair dryer to get it to start. It wouldn't go in reverse so I had to be careful where I parked, but I loved that car!

Shannon Askew

My first car was a hunk of junk oldsmobile that was older than I was. It's all my mom could afford….. but I was SOOOOOO happy to have it. I washed it every week : )


My first car was a 1980 Chevrolet Citation that my parents bought when I was 3 months old and saved for my sweet 16. It was puke green and my friends nicknamed it "The Booger". Awesome.


Mine was a Chevy Cavalier POS. We didn't realize until after we'd bought it that it had been in an accident and the driver door frame was bent (these were the days before CarFax)


My first car was an 81 VW Rabbit. Spray painted blue. The top coat would fly off and hit the windshield while I was driving. There was no heat and no radio. The heat from the engine came through the hole where the radio was supposed to be and kept me warm while my friends froze. I had to scrape the ice off the inside of the windshield and be careful with the ice patch on the floor under the pedals. I miss that car. It had character.


My first car was a Pontiac Sunbird. It wasn't long for this world though; I bent the frame when I swerved to avoid a deer running across the road. I braked too hard on the wet road, sending the car into a spin, and then a very nice tree stopped me. I was fine. The deer was fine. The car was not fine. Good thing it was already a well used vehicle!

Kat @ KaydeeBunz

My first car was a 95 (this was in 97, so it was pretty new) Corolla that was mint green. I loved that car, and proceeded to have 3 more corollas after it. As I drive 50 miles, two days a week to college, I wish I still had that low gas mileage vehicle!!

amy woowoo

A busted up '84 royal blue Mustang – a hand me down from my sister. You know the one – no air, no defrost, heat that smelled like anti-freeze, known to stall although it wasn't a stick shift. Good times!


My first car was a little red eagle summit….and I think I literally drove the wheels off of it! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the fun!


Oh lush fabric, my first car was an orange volkswagen beetle named Jarvis! He was very cold and smelly but much loved!
thanks for the giveaway!


We had a 1968 Ford something! A very ugly gold thing that took us from Minnesota to our first home in Kansas!
Evin5 at aol dot com


I learned how to drive in Okinawa where my husband was stationed in the Air Force. It was an experience. πŸ™‚ My car was a tiny blue Nissan March that drove like a go kart. Loved it. My son's car seat took up the entire backseat!! When we moved back to the states, I had to learn how to drive on the opposite side of the road, with the steering wheel on the opposite side of the car. It took a while to remember which side of the car to get in on. LOL


Fun! My first car was a green 1995 Hyundai Accent. I got it in 2001, I believe. It wasn't in fantastic condition, but it ran alright. I ended up getting into an accident and about ripped off a fender. We found a replacement at a junk yard but only in red. So I drove what was essentially a junker in red and green. I started to affectionately refer to it as "The Christmas Car"… I drove it til it broke down and would not do a thing anymore in 2005. πŸ™‚

Sharon (mama to Adam)

Oh man these comments should be so interesting. First cars, awww. Mine was a white Dodge Omni, my first manual as well. I remember getting stuck at the bottom of a hill and waiting like 5 stop lights before I got out and demanded my mom to help me. I was so embarrassed! Thanks for the memory.


My first car was an '86 Porsche Carrera named Vern. I got it a little bit after college and had it til the beginning of this year — a guy rear-ended me when I was about a week away from giving birth to my second son. Luckily, I was on my way to a prenatal checkup, so I didn't have to worry about how the baby was for too long!

I had to get rid of it since the frame got bent, but I guess it worked out for the best since I don't think I could have fit two car seats in it. :}

lil misses' mama

my first car was a volkswagon jetta. my dad went with me to help me negotiate at the car dealership…hummm…wasn't until my then-fiance looked at my payments that we realized i got suckered into a really bad lease! gee thanks, dad! πŸ™‚


My first car was the silver Honda Prelude of my boyfriend (now husband). Unfortunately, it was not a real family car, so we sold it as soon as we had children.


I drove my mom's teal ford taurus station wagon, and my brothers and I shared an old 80's burgundy Civic. I BOUGHT my very first car- a Saturn Ion! Which I tote my monkey around in proudly

MJ/Sweetwater Cloth

My first car was a (used) 93 Saturn, it was ok since I didn't need much and I was 16 and didn't expect to get a car for a few more years. The only problems with it was that the previous owner was a smoker and I ended up smelling like an ash tray every time I drove it for a few months until I could get it aired out, and sometimes the horn blew on it's own and I couldn't stop it. I got quite a few dirty looks over that, and then confused ones when I threw up both my hands and showed that I wasn't touching the horn!


My first car is now my husbands car! A 1993 Honda Civic that just keeps giving! Really this car is old and I have had it for almost ten years now but it has such great gas mileage, we just cant give it up. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great fabric!



I had a 2000 ford escort zx2. I started driving it to high school as a junior and I thought I had the most awesome "sports" car! It was a candy apple red and I loved it. I had that car for about 5 years. My mom helped me buy it, used, of course. And I took great care of my sweet ride. A couple weeks before the senior caravan (seniors car parade fype thing @ my hs) a truck in front of me at a red light backed up into me. Then an old couple back up into my car at a parking lot. Needless to say it ended up going caput on me. I ended up trading it in for another used car and somehow managed to get roughly $1000 out of my piece of junk that was going straight to the junk yard!

Ana e os Viraventos

My first car was an Opel Corsa, white with only two seats (commercial). It took me in the crayziest journeys trough early youth! Great car, "died" after I was married and mother of two!


My resilient 1986 Honda. It survived me learning how to drive stick-shift…in the winter… perhaps lodging it into a snowbank on my first go…

This print would be wonderful for the room of my son, who, by the way, will learn to drive with his father.


I had a 1986 toyota camry with 235,000 miles on it. Great car! It survived me and was passed along to my brother who promptly totaled it by running into a fence.


My first car was a 1982 Plymouth LeBaron that my dad paid $200 because it wasn't running at the time. I was only a few years older than that car. After rebuilding the engine, replacing the soft top, dash, and numerous other parts that I don't know that names of, my dad admitted that he could have bought me a much newer car for what he ended up spending on that bargain car. I really didn't mind because I loved having my own car.


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