GIVEAWAY: Quilt Market Book Party Invite!

I’m off to Quilt Market in Houston tomorrow and I’m sooo excited. I love to see all things new in fabric but also, I must admit, I love seeing all my lovely sewing world celebrities! There is something about being in the same room as Anna Maria, Amy, Sandi and Heather that makes me all warm and happy. Or is that just the free champagne? That was the scene the last time we rubbed elbows at a Wiley Publishing book party. Someone even literally set themself on fire. It was THAT much fun. Don’t worry, she’s fine.

So who wants to be my party date? If you live in Houston or in town for Quilt Market, leave a comment here today. One winner will be randomly selected and announced here tonight at midnight. The winner will join me at the party and meet the authors of Make Stuff Together, Sewing for Boys and Sewing with Oilcloth and take home a signed copy of all three books!

Winner must be present to receive books. If you stand me up, I’m keeping them. And I’m drinking your champagne.

Event is Saturday, October 29th, 6-8PM in the George R. Brown Convention Center area.




I want to come! its my last year here in houston and I am determined to make it to the quilt market this year even though i'm very pregnant.


WooHoo! I've been looking to buy two of the books already and would love the chance to snag these and meet the authors as well! I live here in H-Town so I can definitely be there. Plus, I've been dying to learn how to quilt…fabric envy!


Although I'm pretty new to sewing and quilting (just got my first machine this year), I am already addicted… I guess having a newborn to make things for will do that to you. I live in Houston (inside the loop) and would love to go.


I would SEW love this! I can be right there! Saving the date on my calendar right now! :). I live in Houston, I'm a quilter! Karey B's mom was my first quilt teacher way back when I was in high school. ( fame). I have a fabulouse 'in-house' almost 4 year old grandson to sew for! :). <3


I would absolutely love to go! We live right outside houston, so I'm really close : ) and those books look awesome! I always love sewing for my daughter, but am out of ideas for my little guy.


I live just outside of the city and would love to go! I'm brand new to sewing and need some incentive (pressure) to get my bootie in gear to accomplish something creative after spending the past 18 months at home with our baby.


I would LOVE to be your party date!! I am actually getting a little star-struck just thinking about possibly seeing some of those fabric designers (Anna Maria? I swoon over her prints!)…and meeting you, too! I adore your blog and am always so excited when you post new ideas. I have a little girl and just had a little boy four months ago so I am excited about the books, especially the sewing for boys. Plus, mama needs a night out. 😉


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