GIVEAWAY WINNER: Back-to-School Wellness Package

Now that all the hustle and bustle of starting school has calmed down things will progress nice and easy and before we know it the holidays will be here…not.

We seem to forget the madness of the holiday season, packets of homework and oh yes, getting sick. Those lovely germs that our children pass from one another and the good old flu that comes with the change in season. In order to provide a little relief in your life has provided us with a great resource for healthy living tips and a Prize Pack full of over $150 in goodies. Read on to learn more about healthy living and see who won the Back-to-School Wellness package. magazine would like to share this awesome new tool to help with making healthier lifestyle decisions for you and your family. You will find that using this great resource will make managing your health and health care costs that much easier. Along with this helpful tool, is also giving away a Back-to-School Wellness package complete with a pedometer, a $100 Visa gift card, a $50 Staples gift card and an assortment of Yogi Tea. Could you ask for anything more?

The winner of the Back-to-School Wellness Package is…

Olivia said…

I have six children and keeping us all healthy is a huge task! I make sure they properly wash their hands, get healthy meals, and plenty of rest with a fixed bedtime of 9 PM. When they happen to get sick, Vitamin C, primadophilus and TLC gets them back to smiling quickly!

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