Silhouette Cameo is Here + A Special Deal

If you hang out with us on The Facebook you know that I spent last weekend sweetly caressing the new Silhouette Cameo that I was invited to try out. Jaime and I have been fans of Silhouette for a long time. Their cutting machines are amazing tools. The Cameo stands up to the quality and precision of the SD (the previous model) but introduces a larger cutting space (hello 12″x12″), an adjustable cutting blade with deeper cut options and more.

So I tried a few little last minute paper projects for Halloween (more on that later) and also dove into the Fabric Ink Starter Kit and made this little horse stencil on a piece of Anna Maria Horner Lou Lou Thi Needlework. Clare has already called dibs. Horses are her fav. Read on to see the process of fabric stenciling with the silhouette and an exclusive code for a special deal from Silhouette?

And I just have to mention this sweet pattern for baby shoes cut on the silhouette. Just download the pattern, let your Silhouette cut out the fabric covered interfacing and sew up the pieces. Amazing! Honestly, what will they think of next?

First I downloaded some new shapes directly from the Silhouette store online. I selected this running horse, some wheat and a flower. I arranged the pieces directly on screen so I could get the design perfect before cutting my stencil.

I loaded the stencil material into the machine and let it cut. The detail was amazing and the small negative pieces of vinyl peeled up so easily with the Silhouette Hook included in the starter kit.

Apply the transfer tape to the top of the design and burnish the top.

Peel the backing from the vinyl.

Apply the stencil to your washed and ironed fabric. Burnish again. I’ll need to experiment with burnishing. It seemed that the stencil stuck too well to the transfer tape and not well enough to the fabric. I lost the detail in the flowers while peeling up the transfer tape. Anyone mastered this yet?

All ready to paint.

Drop some paint into your tray and sponge it onto your design. Um, put some paper or something under your fabric so the paint doesn’t seep through all over your table dummy.

Patiently let it dry. Need another coat? Go for it. Let it dry again. Ok, ready?

peel it!

peel it!

Iron to set the ink and you are ready to go!

So are you ready to take the plunge? Head on over to Silhouette, scroll to the bottom and add the Cameo and your choice of starter kit (fabric ink, vinyl, rhinestone or heat transfer) to your cart. Enter the discount code “prudent” and get both for $299.00. They even give Prudent Baby a percentage of the sale just for sending you over. They are rad. If you Cameo up, we want to see pictures of the goodies you make!




Sooooooo jealous!!! I want one of these. I don't sew very much, but I could totally see myself making those (freaking adorable) shoes if it's that easy!

I never had any desire for these cutting machines…until I saw the Sihouette on Prudent Baby. I'm dreaming, until I can afford to scheme to get one for myself!


I'm planning on selling my Cricut that I got as a birthday gift (and have only used 3 times) because Provo Craft's business model stinks. I'm not going to keep buying expensive, ugly designs on a cartridge. I'm SO ready to buy a Silhouette! And I'm excited that the Cameo has all the features that were appealing about the Cricut, but performs better and will be what I need in the long run.

I am a designer and can proficiently use Adobe Illustrator and I would like to make my own SVG files. Do you know if the Cameo software allows you to import your own designed files (rather than solely off their online store)?


I havent tried it but my understanding is that you can create your own art for use on the Silhouette in Illustrator. Let me know how it goes, I'm eager to try it too!


I don't have any type of cutting machine, but this looks REALLY cool! I am a candy wrapper designer and am looking into new items to offer on my website. Thanks for the info – I just found your blog. 🙂 And "Ausmerican Housewife", I'm very sorry about the loss of your baby.


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