GIVEAWAY: Draw the DC Universe and Stamp Art by KLUTZ

Looking for a cool new gift for your young artist at home? What about a gift for someone who loves Superman, Green Lantern and the Joker? When I received these two new books, Draw the DC Universe and Stamp Art, I quickly found myself testing out my artistic skills. Draw the DC Universe is great for beginner and advanced artists because it walks you through each step of drawing the character from a stick figure to a full detailed drawing. Check out this video and keep reading for a sneak peak inside this Draw the DC Universe.

This book is a complete how-to-draw package, jammed with expert tips and techniques, tons of practice space, and of course, a universe of DC heroes and villains. The draw-right-in-it book comes with everything you need: a sketching pencil, a drawing marker, artists pencils in six colors, a big block eraser to fight crimes against the page, stencils, and translucent overlays scattered throughout for cant-fail tracing activities.

Stamp Art is also bursting with creativity with over 60 stamps to choose from. I loved that all the stamps are mostly just different shapes and your imagination has to do the rest. KLUTZ gives a bit more detail on just how to use this book to its full potential…

Stick the included shapes on the see-through acrylic block to create your own one-of-a-kind stamp design. Full of inspirational artwork and instruction, this stamp-right-in-it book shows how to create animals, flowers, houses, aliens… anything you can dream up.

The best part is that KLUTZ is giving away both Draw the DC Universe and Stamp Art to two, yes two, lucky winners. Keep reading to see another new KLUTZ release and to find out how to enter for the chance to win Draw the DC Universe and Stamp Art by KLUTZ.

If you thought Draw the DC Universe and Stamp Art were cool you might just love these adorable little Pom Pom Monsters. I would just want to make a bunch of them and hide them all around the house for my family to find. Or maybe make Christmas ones to hang in the stockings? Hmmm…

To enter for the chance to win Draw the DC Universe and Stamp Art visit KLUTZ and let us know which cool book of theirs looks like it would be a blast to use. I’m definitely thinking about getting Eye Find for our next road trip. For extra entries follow KLUTZ on Facebook and leave another comment letting us know. For additional entries, tweet, stumble, or share the giveaway on facebook and leave a comment each time letting us now. Come back and leave a comment every day from now until November 29th at midnight. We will announce the winner here on Prudent Baby.




Oh so many Klutz books have come thru these hands lol!! My favorite was always the friendship bracelet book, but my kids love them all! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving and Good Luck Everyone!


Legos Crazy Action contraptions book looks cool. My kid loves anything LEGO. Probably because I banned them for the first 5 years of his life (I had a little brother and several lego imprints on the bottoms of my feet…) I finally gave in this year and he's obsessed. I hope we win this drawing DC book, though. It would be nice for him to draw something good. He gave me a valentine that said "I love you, Mommy" on it and a picture of a cooking pot and a drawing of boobies. Apparently, he loves me because I cook and have a big chest? Anyway, superheroes would make a nice change. 🙂


My son is a superhero fan, so the Draw the DC Universe would be smashing! Anything with a cape and a grudge against evil is his favorite!


My niece and nephew are little artist in training! I would get the friendship bracelet book for her and the draw the DC universe for him. I want the pompom monster one for myself.


I like the knitting book as I have always wanted to learn how to knit but I really want the Draw the DC Universe book for my husband. It is so hard to find him a gift and this would be perfect.


I think my very artistic niece would love the stamp book! I used to love the juggling book they had when I was little.


I think my nieces would enjoy the ribbon bangel/bracelet book the most!

jessicarwwarfield at gmail dot com


I just can't decide which one looks best since I have 3 kids. My boys would love the solar car book or bottle caps. My daughter would love the bracelet one.

brandyk03 at msn dot com


Honestly, I would love a library of all the Klutz books. I want to learn to juggle and wish my kids would get interested in the jump rope book. We use the cat's cradle book all the time. Any of the craft books are great.


I have to say that the DC Universe book would be a HUGE hit for my comic book loving son but I also love their Capster book!!

Anna L.

I love the facepainting book…when I was little, the days we were allowed to use facepaints were the most exciting!

For entering to win, the Stamp Art book would be perfect for my niece.


I was just looking at the cat's cradle book with my sister in law and remembering how much we loved it when we were kids!


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