Put A Serger in My Stocking Slideshow

Holy difficult task Santa! Since Jacinda, Colleen, myself and all of our illustrious guest judges are busy scoring these amazing entries, we thought we’d brighten your morning by sharing a selection of the hundreds of beautiful stockings made for this contest. Gah, they are all so wonderful! Imagining the Prudent Mamas working away at their machines during naptimes and bedtimes making these treats for their family warms our hearts, so thank you to everyone who entered the Put A Serger in My Stocking contest to win a Brother Project Runway™Limited Edition  5234PRW Serger! Stay tuned for the winner announcement soon…

If you don’t see your stocking in the slideshow, don’t worry. This is just a random taste of the gorgeous selections that came in!




Wow! I am so very, very impressed. These are just amazing!!

(sitting on the edge of my seat for the winner … )


I am not spotting my submission 🙁 I received a confirmation….. maybe just too many stockings to show in slideshow? Such wonderful entries!!!! Great job everyone!!


You got it Charlotte! This is just a random selection. We could only include 100 in the slideshow. Wish we could have shown them all!


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