Let’s get back to basics with Robert Kaufman’s Yarn-Dyed Essex Linen Flax. With all the adorable printed fabrics you always seem to be adding to your collection it’s easy to forget a basic linen. Save yourself a trip to the store and enter for the chance to win a yard of your own.

To enter for a chance to win one yard of Robert Kaufman’s Yarn-Dyed Essex Linen Flax tell us your favorite go-to basic to wear. My Levi jeans take the cake on this one. I always seem to try to branch out to new jean styles (skinny, trouser, straight leg) but my good ol’ fashion bootleg wins every time. Leave your comment anytime between now and Friday, January 20th. Tweet, Stumble, or share on Facebook and leave another comment letting us know. Come back every day for new entries. We’ll randomly select a winner and announce right here next Friday.

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Your comments about the 70s were so much fun to read. I think the top list of what you loved most would have to be 1) Yourself 2) Star Wars 3)Awesome disco tunes. The winner of one yard of Sparky & Marie, Piccadilly, Posies Cream is…


Uh, my hubby, of course! And my parents’ wedding, as that’s what precipitated my existence. As far a society goes, I’d have to say email was a pretty darn good contribution, even if it was in its earliest stages.

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moxie gia designs

Being a crafty stay at home Mommy my fav these days are my danskin work out capri pants. So comfy like I am wearing Pj's but do not look lazy hanging around my house all day lol. Little Moxie & me have tons of fun playing so I need comfy clothes.


Black leggings, big sweater and brown leather boots. This is my uniform for about half the year in Wisconsin πŸ™‚


Mine is an Eddie Bauer zip sweatshirt that has a giant collar to make it a little less casual. Fabulous to throw o before running out of the door!


My jeans that I recently bought that are finally long enough and I can wear without a belt – yay!


Any kind of cardigan. Especially thin, longish ones. I layer them over almost everything. Love the linen!

adventure reno

lately it's been jeans w/ any shirt and a knit scarf. So easy & it hides my post-baby belly.


Leggings and my fit flop furry winter boots! I put those on and even on the coldest of days I feel so stylish. Thanks for the chance to win. πŸ™‚


I am a jeans and a t-shirt girl! Mainly my USF t-shirts but I also wear fun graphic tees and plain ones I can dress up with a fun scarf or necklace. But always the jeans & T-shirt!


Gotta go with my favorite pair of jeans, followed closely by my very soft long sleeved gray t-shirt.


I love socks of all sorts (and have way too many), but when I am at home I am never without my fuzzy socks.


the cold weather has necessitated my long brown boots – every day!
Loving the linen.


Totally my boot cut jeans also. Love that I can wear them everyday as a SAHM! (It took me years to be ok with wearing jeans on casual Fridays when I worked because it made me feel too casual…I was kind of a dork that way.)


Oh jeans, definitely. T-shirt of the day. And my slippers in the winter, flip flops the rest of the year.


Loungewear at home always…. But if I go out it's my one and only pair of GAP classic cut straight leg jeans that THEY DON'T MAKE ANYMORE! I may melt down if I ever loose them…

Falafel and the Bee

I have a very worn fleece v-neck sweatshirt that I absolutely love. I have had it for 10 years now, and it still looks great (and more importantly FEELS great!).


Old Navy loungewear pants with matching hoodie zip sweatshirts. I have them in multiple colors all lined up on the closet shelf. I call it my "Mommy Uniform".


A striped jersey skirt I made and my Frye boots and my down jacket the skirt is long enough and the boots tall enough that I can still stay warm. Sadly if I leave the house these days (frigid Boston weather and a new baby) this is what I wear almost always. Can we say RUT.

Crunchy Con Mommy

For me it's skinny jeans or leggings, cozy boots, and a long tunic or a short sweater dress! I feel like it's very versatile and super flattering on a mommy tummy since it generally makes the smallest part of you right below your bust around your ribs rather than around your belly button(I'm back below pre-baby weight, but my stomach will just never be the same-he was totally worth it, but it does make fashion tougher!)


I have these fabulous jeans that I've had for…let's just say a long time. Unfortunately, they are starting to show their age, and I'll likely be adding a new patch every month!


Blue jeans and a ribbed turtleneck. Since I'm always cold, this is pretty much my uniform ten months of the year.

Mama Bear

Now that I’m unemployed, my everyday wear is lounge pants and a sweatshirt. Thank goodness for grocery days when I am forced to “dress up” for going in public and put on jeans.

I need Fabric Friday; I’m on a fabric buying moratorium! Take pity on me!


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