Fabric Friday

When I first saw this fabric it reminded me of little birds perched on bicycle wheels, hence the name, Birdie Spokes Teal. As I looked at it a bit longer I started to wonder, Hmmm where do you think these little birds on wheels would be going? Are they environmentally friendly and prefer wheels over cars, or is it just a personal preference? I think (No, I know) I’m totally over thinking this but I’m curious, where do you think these little feathered friends are off to?

To enter for a chance to win one yard of Jay-Cyn Designs for Birch Fabrics, Mod Basics, Organic, Birdie Spokes Teal tell us where you think these little birds are heading to or a question that comes to mind when you see them. Leave your comment anytime between now and Friday, March 2nd. Tweet, Stumble, or share on Facebook and leave another comment letting us know. Come back every day for new entries. We’ll randomly select a winner and announce right here next Friday.

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The winner of one yard of Jay-Cyn Designs for Birch Fabrics, Mod Basics, Organic, Ellie Fam Shroom is…

Kelly.R said…
I’ve always loved Monaluna for Birch Fabrics Circa 50 Houses but Monaluna Circa 52, Organic Cotton, Tree Stripes Shroom is also fantastic!

Congrats! Look out for an email from us very shortly.



Laura Cox

I think they are resting on the bubbles being blown by children in South Carolina, the winter has been so mild the birds never left !

Samantha LeBas

I think they are planning a biathlon that could be part cycling and part flight. Maybe, those birds are part of a Unicycle Appreciation Association. Perhaps they have been collecting the front tires of people who block public walkways with their bicycles, not so politely reminding them to be courteous. At any rate they are up to some delightful mischief.


I think they are headed back up north for the upcoming spring, of course they never left this HOT Georgia state (82 degress today)!


Riding north after flying south for the winter! Their wings were too tired to fly beck.


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