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What a perfect fabric to receive from Fabricworm right after I got home from the zoo. Alexander Henry’s 2d Zoo Primary fabric is just as cute as can be with all the animals roaming about. The wandering anteater and big-eared elephant are too much adorableness to handle.

To enter for a chance to win one yard of Alexander Henry, 2d Zoo Primary tell us if you could be any animal which would you be. I would be a white Siberian tiger. I couldn’t really give you a good reason why, I have just always loved them. Leave your comment anytime between now and Friday, March 23rd. Tweet, Stumble, or share on Facebook and leave another comment letting us know. Come back every day for new entries. We’ll randomly select a winner and announce right here next Friday.

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The winner of one yard of Aneela Hoey, Walk In The Woods, Icing is…

Kat Skarbek said…

Gosh – I practically devoured books when I was little and my daughter is no exception. My favourites as a girl were Jack & The Beanstalk (Ladybird book version which is scary!) and Snow White & Rose Red. I love reading anything Grimm’s to my wee girl and I cannot wait until she is old enough to read Harry Potter.

Congrats! Look out for an email from us very shortly.



Lindsey Philbrick

Before I had kids, I was a zookeeper and I took care of gorillas. I loved my 8 gorillas and they most definitely loved me. I only worked with the boys through the bars on their cages but we found ways to play and have fun even with steel bars in the way. I loved them. So, if I could be any animal, it would be a gorilla, because for 4 years of my life, it seemed like I almost was one.


Oh goodness… to be honest, I quite like being human! But if not, I’ll go for a sparrow. They’re lovely little birds, a bit scrawny, not as exotic as some, but if you watch them you’ll see they’ve got something special. I’d quite like to have something special (though I could manage without the worms!). Fingers crossed on the fabric.


I would love to be a ring-tailed lemur. They are super cute, excellent mothers and they walk around all day with their tails sticking straight up at the world.


I would be a cow, because they seem to have a life full of lazy days with friends, haha!


I am 170% sure I would be a giraffe. They’re so amazing looking and every time I go to the zoo, my kids have to drag me away from the giraffe pens.


I’d be a dolphin. I’ve always loved the water, so living in the ocean sounds awesome. And besides, they’re highly intelligent and always seem to be smiling and happy πŸ™‚

Katherine W

I always thought my cats had a pretty good time of it. Sleep in the sun, no cooking or cleaning and plenty of cuddles and fussing by adoring owners.


I would be a zebra because their stripes are always different which is completely awesome


I would be a wild dolphin. They are so smart and fun loving, and family oriented. They live a life wild and free.


With the pace of life at the moment I think it would be quite delectable to be a sloth. A slow-moving, tree-dwelling life sounds pretty nice…just watching the events of the day go by from way up high! (…that almost sounds like it could be a poem…haha…)


I would love to be a squirrel (image running through trees so fast!) or a bird (everyone wants to fly, right?). If I were a hedgehog, though, I would love myself so much for being so cute πŸ™‚

Katy Rose

I think I would be a sea turtle. Lovely animals. Plus, I would be able to swim through the sea.


I started to say a sheep because I like them, but I think I’d like to be a hawk flyingand having a great view of things from high above.


Wow, what a cute fabric, i’d love to win some of that! If i were an animal, i’d be a humpback whale – swimming and singing are two of my favourite things πŸ™‚


That might be the cutest fabric EVER. I would be a giraffe because I am so short and am really tired of not being able to see anything going on! And they are so geometric- I’m a math teacher and sort of a pattern dork.

Dani L.

I’d be a bear. You’re expected to eat alot, put on fat and sleep all winter. πŸ™‚ And if you’re hubby or kids are being less then pleasant, a growl and paw swat is perfectly normal


I would be a tall tall giraffe so that I could see as much of the world as I could at one time!


I think I would be a flying squirrel so I could soar through the air and be able to run up and down trees.

Laura P.

I’d be an axolotl :). Google it, it’s the weirdest looking animal ever haha :D.


I would be a gray wolf, because they are such beautiful hunters, and so powerful and mysterious πŸ™‚


I would be a cheetah, completing my tasks quickly with great energy and enthusiasm, and then I would sit back and do a little sun’in on a big smooth rock πŸ™‚


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