Fabric Friday

This Les Petite Filles fabric is extra special today because my good friend, Jessica, is welcoming her third little girl to the world this afternoon. I can just picture her two older daughters peering into the bassinet to get a good peek at their new baby sister. While we’re on the topic of new babies, congrats to all the new mamas out there and welcome to the world you itty bitty bundles of joy!

To enter for a chance to win one yard of Anne-Marie Murphy for Cloud9 Organic, Maman, Les Petite Filles tell us one of your favorite baby names. I know it’s hard to choose. I think I add to my list daily. Leave your comment anytime between now and Friday, March 30th. Tweet, Stumble, or share on Facebook and leave another comment letting us know. Come back every day for new entries. We’ll randomly select a winner and announce right here next Friday.

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The winner of one yard of Alexander Henry, 2d Zoo Primary is…

Dani L. said…
I’d be a bear. You’re expected to eat alot, put on fat and sleep all winter. And if you’re hubby or kids are being less then pleasant, a growl and paw swat is perfectly normal

Congrats! Look out for an email from us very shortly.



Emiko F

I have to go with my daughter’s name: Eleanor. My husband picked it out before we ever met, and I fell in love with it when he told me.

Jodi Taylor

I love all my children’s names – Thorin Samuel, Terek Nathan and Corrie Abigail.


My daughter is Elise, and I love that name, but if I ever have another girl I think she will be Jane or Molly.


Maverick James, my little 15 month old monster baby! Love everything about your blog!


My daughter is expecting a little Emily soon. Loving that name and its feminine vibe!


our family will be welcoming our 3rd little boy into the family in about 5 weeks – his name will be Sam!


I liked the name Candi when I was 7 years old… thankfully my tastes have changed for the better!

Lisa McGriff

My favorite baby names of course would be Ashley and Savannah, my two sweet daughters… But if I had a another girl it would be Kelsey Elizabeth.. A boy would be Adam…


I have the names of my first boy and first girl planned out and run by the other half already 🙂 If it’s a girl it will be Gemma Keys (named for his sister who died at 6 months old and my paternal grandmothers maiden name) and if it’s a boy it will be Jackson..


I’ll be chosing baby names soon! Right now we are liking Alice and Henry–but dont hold me to it 😉


I love old names that are uncommon but not made up. My son is Argus, and it remains my favorite boy name five years later. It is such a strong name!


I love Catherine, mostly because it is my daughter’s name! I have also grown fond of Greyer, who is my only nephew on my side of the family!


If I had to chose a name that we’d probably never name our kid, it would be Clementine.


My favourite girl’s name has been Rebekah since as long as I can remember and I was fortunate enough to be blessed with a daughter 4 years ago “Rebekah Lauren”! Last year we added “Sarah Emily” to the family 🙂

Lori L.

Baby names are so hard to choose! My favorite at the moment would have to be Chelsea because that’s my daughter’s name!


I am in love with Keegan as a girl’s name. I know it’s popular now as a boys name but for a girl it is so pretty!


I love my daughter’s name June. It’s simple and old fashion….hope she likes it too


Everyone calls my sister a “sparkly” person which has become a sweet representation of her personality and name, Megan Shea. I think it’s a beautiful name, not surpringly as I love my sister!

Kristi P

I love the name Adelle. It is my mom’s middle name and I am excited to one day have a little one named for her.

Beth T.

We have two new nieces (on different sides of the family) named Elizabeth. As an Elizabeth myself, I think that is fantastic!


I think every name is precious and beautiful as the tiny person it was given to. No matter what name you have choosen for your special, little bundle, it “fits” and is cute for that little angel. I have a daughter named Stacey Lynn, who is 40 now, but her name was not that common when she was born. She just gave birth to a tiny, 5 lb boy named Alexander (Alex) Eugene. She plans on another in a year-perhaps a girl. Meanwhile I have a daughter-in-law expecting, and it may be a girl. Love making baby clothes. Love your beautiful fabric.


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