Giveaway Winner: $40 to MarbleSpark Personalized Books

Today we are announcing the lucky winner of the $40 Gift Card to MarbleSpark. Wohooo! If you have been on the hunt for that perfect personalized book, Following Featherbottom from MarbleSpark may just be it for you.

MarbleSpark is an indie publisher of mind-blowing personalized books. It’s the result of chasing a wild-hair way beyond what’s reasonable. Five years ago, we were expecting our first child and I thought it would be cool to write a children’s book just for him/her. On a whim, I wrote and illustrated a silly little personalized book. I never expected to show it to anybody but our future kids. The book was pretty terrible — but our family and friends went nuts over it. So I started toying with ideas for a real personalized books. After a bunch of detours and four years of work, that false-start eventually led to our first book, Following Featherbottom, which has been picked up by Pottery Barn Kids and others.

Following Featherbottom tells the story of how your child’s name came to be — not the real story, but a fantastical worldwide adventure to find the perfect name. It’s about a stork (Felix Featherbottom) that travels the globe finding the perfect letters to build the perfect name. If your child is named Emma, they might go to Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mexico, and Antarctica. You get to choose which locations Felix visits. At the end of the book, Felix delivers the name and leaves a map so your child can take the letters back. We don’t just plug your child’s name into the story — the name IS the story! The name even appears on the front hardcover and the spine. No two books are the same. Kinda like a snowflake—a big, awesome snowflake with your name on it that never melts.

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The winner of the $40 Gift Card to MarbleSpark is…

Sarah said…
This is just amazing. I did the personalized preview and loved the illustrations and imaginative places that Featherbottom visited. I totally want to make my son one now.

Congrats!! You can expect an email from us within the week.


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