Fabric Friday

Fabric Friday


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The Brown Anole. They’re fascinating little creatures that I first encountered when I moved to Florida. They’re tiny social, brave-hearted creatures. I never tire of watching them interact with each other. Whenever I see two or three interact, it’s like i’m watching a drama on the “Animal Channel” and I find myself silently narrating encounters which, is totally nuts but Super entertaining (hey! Florida is HOT! LOL). Their color is unremarkable but, the males have these dewlaps of the most wonderful sunset orange color. Other animals that should be on fabric? The Walrus, Giraffe and Possum. Not all together but, imagine the cute stuff you could make with a big and fat male walrus with a mustache and tusks or, a tall Giraffe, (like Sophie with big eyes) or a Possum with it’s tail curled around a tree branch? TOO CUTE!!! =)


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