Borderline Brilliant Contest: Public Voting is Now Open!

The stunning entries are in for the Borderline Brilliant Contest for a Brother PE500 Personal Embroidery System and we want you to come vote. Gather your friends for an evening of cocktails and clicking away as you vote for your favorite embroidered entry from now until Friday, October 5th. Everyone can only vote once, so start telling your friends and make sure to choose wisely.

We showed you some of our handmade projects like these Embroidered Mason Jar Labels

Felt Frame Coasters

Jacinda’s Embroidered Footstool and How to Applique with Your Embroidery Machine.
machine embroidery applique

Now it’s time to check out the beautiful entries.

To recap the contest, in order to enter you had to:
1. Hand embroidery or machine embroider your entry.
2. The surface may be purchased or made by you.
3. A border or frame must either completely surround the artwork or the edge of the surface, like these examples.

Click on the link below to check out the full list of entries and start voting. We can’t wait to see your favorites!

Check out the Official Rules for more contest information.




I had so much fun making and embroidering my little chubby squirrely! (Entry 31) So many great entries, best of luck to everyone!


So many beautiful creations. I loved making the First Christmas ornament for my little one (#16!). Good luck to all!


What a great contest! So many wonderful entries. The Cloth Diaper (#15) turned out just as I had imagined. Thanks for the opportunity to share!


Thanks for the great contest, y’all. Some of my friends and family were having a hard time voting because the option didn’t show up when they visited the collection. It just showed the number of votes under each entry as if they had already voted. Any idea how to remedy that situation?


Just a guess… did you send them a link to the page after you had voted?
Send them a link to this post and have them click from here. If still having trouble, please email colleenatprudentbabydotcom and she will help you out.


Just as an FYI, I have been having the same problem as Becca – some people followed the Inlinkz link from my blog and got the voting page, and others followed the exact same link (from a different computer) and got the Inlinks contest page with the # of votes listed under the entry pictures and no link to the “vote” button. It’s a bit of a mystery. For those people who are having problems, I will re-direct them to this post to use the link here. I don’t have very many friends, so I know I won’t make it to the top ten, but this has been a great contest and I’ve had lots of fun learning how to Embroider. Blessings!


Update: FYI – my daughter and her friends live on a university campus. She voted, then had her friends try to vote from their personal computers using the link found on the Prudent Baby post. They were unable to vote (it only showed them the Inlinkz page with the # of votes visible.)

I think this is because all the computers on campus use the same campus network, so Inlinkz only recognizes it as one IP address, instead of recognizing the individual computers. I have voters from three other universities telling me the same thing.

I just thought you should be aware of this odd Inlinkz quirk should you hold other contests in the future.


Just curious how strict you guys will be when in comes to the “official rules”. It states under the how to enter section that entries must be new and original embroidered items created specifically for the competition. Does that mean those that were made for sale of the persons buisness or are stated to have been for another contest will be disqualified? I actually don’t have an entry, just curious for future contests.


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