Borderline Brilliant Contest Winner Announcement!

We know you are all dying to know who won the Borderline Brilliant Contest for a Brother PE500 Personal Embroidery System, but before we can announce we must show you the beautiful work done by our 3 runners-up…

Squirrel by Kristin. This is absolutely perfect for fall.

Bebe by Courtney. Love it for a new baby.

Bicycle Purse by Kara. To take on any adventure.

They are all so stunning! We loved how unique each entry was and wish we could be giving a Brother PE500 Personal Embroidery System to each one of you, but alas we can only give it to one wonderfully talented winner. Keep reading to find out who won the Borderline Brilliant Contest after the jump…

Congrats Jennifer! You won the Brother PE500 Personal Embroidery System!

Please keep a lookout for an email from us this week.



Rachel H.

Wow. Congrats to the winner, but, Seriously? The diaper and the 3 runners up had the most votes in that specific order, yes, but, I thought after the top 10 were voted on, it was going to be judged on originality and workmanship? I didn’t have any entries, but there sure were some beautiful ones out there!!! Once again, congrats to the winners.


I noticed that too! Kind of disapointing, wish they would have been judged like it said in the rules. Especially since they could vote for themselves hundreds of times by turning on and off their mobile 3G service. 🙁 So really it came down to who spent the most time voting for themself.


No it came down to them announcing they were in the contest, and fans of their work to vote. Besides i doubt you wouldve been able to vote more than once because I tried voting for a few I liked and it didn’t let me. Even by switching computers or phones.


she won because of her work and friends not because she voted for herself you should be happy for her not upset … maybe next time ask your friends for help and you can win too


I voted for the winner because I’m a happy customer and I LOVE her work! She has tons of amazing embroidery designs and I love love love those military diapers! Anyway, you were only able to vote ONE time. I seriously doubt ANYONE would sit there and turn on and off 3G over and over.. not that it would even work. Why can’t people just be happy for the winner?


Shout out to all my wonderful fans! Love your support!! I’m so excited we got picked to win this wonderful Brother Embroidery machine. Can’t wait to get it and start sending you all personalized items. Thanks Prudent Baby for hosting this great giveaway! I’m a big follower. Anytime I need a DIY tutorial or food recipe your site is first on my list!!

Elizabeth Johnson

I love all the entries! Everyone did great work! Those diapers are hard to make, I tried, being a vet myself, I like them best. It would be cute to see one of my grandchildren wearing one!

Never question judging on contests unless you want a contest to not be there next time. Be grateful for the experience and try again next time, but do not act ungrateful for the chance!


I love the bicycle bag! I think its funny the embroidery machine went to someone who clearly already has a machine that works perfectly fine. How hard is it to put a design in and press a button? The hand embroidered stuff took way more effort and skill.


I agree with you, Moontownz. Voting issues aside, it seems like hand and machine embroidery are two separate categories. The hand embroidered projects were beautiful and had to have taken a lot of time and skill. But if the rules say it can be either, that’s the way it is.


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